Maggy Maid Cleaning Services Team in Los Angeles

Serving The Los Angeles and California Area With Complete Maid Referral and House Cleaning Services for Over 15 Years

Maggy Maid started in March 2008 and even before that was conceived and planned out in the late 2007. We wanted to start a company that put the customer first. We wanted to start a company that could connect the dots and make peoples’ lives a little easier and simpler. Since we are a maid referral agency, we always joked that we are like a match-making service, but instead of connecting boys and girls, we connect customers and cleaners. We provide the best maid service and house cleaning professionals ready to serve our customers.

Cleaning Services Business Planning at Maggy MaidWhen we first started, we researched the current situation of the cleaning industry in Los Angeles and found a dozen or so cleaning services open at the time. We called all of them just to see how good their customer service was. We were surprised to learn that most didn’t answer the phone or those that did were not fully connecting with the customer. We wanted to be different. We wanted to be better. We asked ourselves, how could such a huge, famous city that has some of the best restaurants, hotels, shopping, etc not have a premiere house cleaning service? We saw a void in the market and we wanted to fill it.

When we opened, we had the philosophy that we would answer every single call that came in. We would talk with the customers like we were talking with a close friend or a relative. If we were unable to grab a call, we would return the call as soon as possible. We would respond to every single email within hours if not within minutes. We were one of the first house cleaning services to have a web form to get a quote. We were one of the first to offer texting to the cleaners and the customers. We used technology to our advantage to streamline efficiency as much as possible. But we always put the customer first.

Research and Planning - Los Angeles Maid Referral AgencyToday we operate with the same idea. We still answer every single phone call. Seven days a week. We talk with our customers and want to understand their cleaning needs so we can match them with the best cleaning team possible. We always want to help the customer get the best cleaning they can.

Since we opened our doors, there have been literally thousands of other home cleaning services in LA. Some that have come and gone. Some that are still in operation. We are still here. What makes us different today is the same thing that made us different from the beginning. We still answer our phones. So many cleaning services that have opened either do not have a phone number. They do not answer their phones or they do not care about the customer.

Los Angeles - Cleaning Business LicensingWhen booking a cleaning with a service it is important to know the answers to a few keys items. Does this company have a business license? Are they even allowed to do business in this city? Do they have an office in which they operate out of? Do they know the cleaners they are referring? Have they even met the cleaners in person that they are sending to your home?

Our answer to every single one of those questions is yes. If the other service you are comparing cannot answer yes to each of those questions, be very careful when booking them. Sure, it’s easy to get the appointment booked online these days and maybe the price seems too good to be true. But when you need to get in touch with the cleaners or the office if something important comes up, will you be able to?

With Maggy Maid you can.