10 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Essential Cleaning Tools

When it comes to the task of cleaning your house, you will only require a few things to keep the dirt away and maintain the cleanliness of your home. Whether you’re just starting, or not, we’ve put together a list of essential cleaning tools every home should have. If you are looking to conduct a regular housekeeping routine ensure that you are equipped with these 10 pieces of equipment you should have at your disposal. These are the recommended tools of our professional cleaners from the House Cleaning Agency in Los Angeles for top-quality and efficient results.


1. Cleaning sponge

A sponge that is classic is an essential cleaning tool that is a must in your daily, weekly cleaning, and even monthly cleaning routine. A sponge, or several, really can be a great option for scraping off any kind of hard stains, as well as difficulty getting rid of dirt. Sponges come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, providing you with plenty of options for cleaning requirements. From the bathroom to the kitchen, and up to an appliance, the sponge will help with just some swipes and scrubs.

2. Broom and dustpan

A broom and a dustpan always come up as one, and it is essential to clean off spills. They’re also perfect for some cleaning prior to your vacuum. Make sure to choose a pan that has a corner of rubber that will be able to grip the floor and allows you to clean all debris and dust out of the pan.


3. Squeegee

Squeegees are the ideal cleaning tools that will ensure that your tiles and showers are free of mold. Most especially, this is usual for rooms that produce a lot of moisture. They’re also the preferred cleaning device for windows, which makes them an essential item for any household. Because they’re adjustable and extensible they can be used to clean up those places that are difficult to reach, which regular sponges, towels, or even cloths aren’t able to be used to scrub or clean it.

Additionally, it is possible to apply white vinegar along with warm water with soap on the glass doors or windows, and then run with a squeezer. This will eliminate any excess soap and water droplets in just a few minutes.

4. Microfiber cloth

This is probably one of the most important and must-buy. This type of cloth can be used for anything from removing toothpaste stains from the mirror in the bathroom, mirrors, gadgets, computer screens, and even cleaning the windows of the car. In areas like Los Angeles, frequent sunny days and low rainfall contribute to ozone formation, resulting in high levels of fine particles and dust. The set of microfiber clothing is our top pick for a reason. Wet microfiber cloth can hold onto dust. They’re also fantastic for cleaning kitchen appliances or counters polishing glass or tile and even removing pet hair from clothes. Additionally, we also must maintain the cleanliness of our cloth. To clean the microfiber cloth, Wash clothes in hot water, without bleach vinegar, bleach, or any other fabric softener. Dry them in the sun, and you’re good to go.

5. Scrub Brush

Find at least one excellent cleaning brush. A brush made of plastic with sturdy bristles, and a handle made of an ergonomic grip made of rubber is sufficient to handle most spills that include scrubbing bathtubs or sinks. We may suggest buying a set that has multiple brush heads to deal with different spaces, such as corners, or the showerhead. They work on every surface such as tile concrete, tile, and so on. This can get the dirt out of carpets, smudge away from the fireplace, and clean off your shoes.


6. Toilet Brush

It is important to get a toilet brush that is specifically designed for use because you’ll need to use the brush anywhere other than the bowl of your toilet. A model that has stood on it, is ideal since you can keep it behind or next to the toilet. Some brushes come with a compartment for cleaning solutions inside the handle to provide the ultimate cleaning experience. A toilet cleaning brush will aid in removing dirt, rust stains, and molds that is stubborn out of the corners of the toilet bowl. Take a brush with a stand so you can store it behind the toilet without difficulty.

7. Spray bottle

Spray bottles are a necessity for cleaning your bathroom, kitchen bedrooms, kitchen, or generally, any space in your home. They can be used to store all kinds of cleaning solutions including bleach, soap, water, and all-natural blends. Spray bottles can make your life simpler with every spray. They’re also durable and compact, which makes them cost-effective and suitable cleaning tools for all types of households. If you’re trying to spread out cleaning solutions an ordinary water bottle isn’t going to do the trick. Make sure you have a few glasses and be able to begin your cleaning routine.

8. Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is your best weapon to get rid of clutter quickly and to keep dust out. When selecting a vacuum take into consideration the space you have and your needs. If you’re lacking storage space, think about an electric stick vacuum that is able to be hung behind the door. It doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional or smart-powered one, the use of one of these machines in your home is highly recommended to prevent the health effects of dirt and allergies as well.

9. Mop

Mops are the best tool to clean flooring surfaces that are hard, such as tiles, wood, or laminate, and shine them. This is one of the essential cleaning tools every home should have. You can purchase one with a handle that fills up with a cleaner, or even a simple stick mop that has an elongated sponge head. Another option is a steam cleaner that makes use of hot water as well as cleaning fluid to wash floors. There are also disposable, washable cleaning pads that aren’t required to squeeze out the mop head as you do with a traditional one.


10. Bucket

If you choose to use a mop that is simple then you’ll require a bucket of water. The buckets are great for washing sponges or cloths, and items that soak as well as to store your cleaning tool inside the bucket, even when not being used. An average-sized container is an additional necessity that should be included in every household’s collection of tools for cleaning. It could be used to serve as a soap dispenser while cleaning floors.



In conclusion, these tools will help you most especially those people who just recently moved into a new home. Though sometimes deep cleaning could be stressful, and sometimes we are lacking equipment, it’s better to call a professional cleaner than to spend your hours looking for a solution to broken equipment or looking for into new set of tools. If you’re in search of an efficient, quick, and cost-effective house cleaning agency in Los Angeles that can improve your living space, contact us today. Our experts are available to assist you with providing you with a professional team who has expertise in cleaning, ranging from the bathrooms, living room, and kitchen cleaning. And no worries, cleaners bring all supplies. They are professional and dedicated to their work so you can just sit and relax and spend your time with some more important tasks to do.


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