10 Things You Should Throw Out According to Professional Organizers


Decluttering is overwhelming. Have you noticed the amount of stuff you still have even if you have already segregated, eliminated, and donated some of them? Well, probably it’s about time to consult professional organizers and ask what should really be kept at home and what should be ditched away.

Get your trash bags ready and prepare to get rid of these common clutter culprits:

1. Dusty pile of magazines

Really? You’re still keeping those volumes of magazines that were published several years ago? What for? We know how much you love those prints but if you want a cleaner home environment, it’s about time to get rid of them because obviously you are not going to read them again! With technology at hand now, it’s better to subscribe to online magazine issues rather than keeping tons of them under your coffee table. Make the better choice and start donating or recycling them now!

2. Pens and markers

Hello? If they are not writing anymore, why are you still keeping those pens and markers? Obviously, you have to automatically throw and replace those mechanical pencils, dried out markers, and pens that have ran out of ink.

3. Spices

Regularly check the expiration dates of those spices in the pantry. Keep in mind that dried herbs can only last for about one to three years and that the shelf life of ground spices is only two to three years. In case those containers are already empty, please, throw them out already.

4. Receipts and bills

Receipts are truly helpful if you are planning to return items that you have bought. But if there’s no problem with your purchases, there’s no use keeping them. In case you’re the worrier type, then have them scanned and keep a digital copy of them (using basic scanner or your smartphone).

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5. Hobby supplies

If you are serious about this decluttering thing, then prepare to let go of those hobby supplies – woodworking tools, scuba diving fins, camping gear, and art materials. If you are no longer using them, or you are no longer interested in those hobbies, maybe it’s high time to donate these materials to those who need them. This way, you can share the love and encourage others to pursue their passion – not to mention that you have kept your house free from these items. Consider enlisting the help of a reputable house cleaning agency to further streamline and refresh your living space during this decluttering process.

6. Outdated technology

Yes, outdated technology does have a special place in our hearts, but man, you’re not an antique shop! So free yourself from those VCR and boom boxes and throw away those floppy disks, ancient laptops, old VHS tapes, and broken phones. You may connect with those companies with E-cycle programs for more convenient and safer disposal of these hazardous wastes.

7. Shopping bags

It’s good to recycle, but make sure to keep a limit to it because whether you admit it or not, there are tons of plastic, cloth, or paper bags stored somewhere in your house. And it’s not healthy. Yes, you may use them for pet poop bags, wet swimsuit containers, or trash can liners, but make sure to keep only a few. Do away with the hoarding, please. Consider seeking professional cleaning services in LA to help declutter and maintain a healthier living environment.

8. Textbooks

If nobody’s reading those textbooks, why keep them? Let’s be honest, do you really plan to reread those algebra and accounting books? Of course not! So resell them or throw them. Your choice. Additionally, consider donating the books to local libraries or educational institutions to benefit others who may find them valuable, turning your unused items into a positive contribution to the community.

9. Chipped kitchenware

Maintain the safety standards of your kitchen by ditching these chipped kitchenware. Please, throw them away. No matter what precious memory they hold, if you are no longer using them, trash them. Additionally, consider replacing outdated appliances with more efficient and modern options to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen space.

10. Unmatched items

Consider decluttering your space by parting ways with those elusive unmatched socks, mittens, and earrings that seem to have lost their pairs in the abyss of your belongings. Embracing a minimalist approach can not only free up physical space but also contribute to a more organized and stress-free living environment. Take a moment to declutter, and you’ll likely find that letting go of these mismatched items brings a sense of simplicity and order to your daily life.

And the list can go on. Just look around the corner and see what else needs to be disposed. Always ask yourself why are still keeping them. Because if they are not of much help, it’s about time for them to leave the house.

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