Fast and Easy Way to Clean the Kitchen – 30 Minute Guide

Fast and Easy Way to Clean the Kitchen – 30 Minute Guide

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to efficiently finish all the tasks given to them despite the limited time? Why some people accomplish more than you even if you are working at the same pace and have the same 24 hours every day? Simple. They know how to manage their time to accomplish more at that given time of the day. Time management, however, is not as easy as it seems. This would take a lot of practice before being mastered. But worry no more, we have come up with a guide to make the process more advantageous on your part.

Here’s how you tidy your kitchen in just 30 MINUTES.

The kitchen is the main hub of the family. It is the busiest; thus, requires intensive attention in cleaning – from grease spatter to dirty dishes to leftovers. The tasks seem unending! But, of course, we can always remediate that. It would only take 30 minutes to finish cleaning your kitchen.

Timer starts now.

Prepare the cleaning materials (2 Minutes)

Gather all the supplies needed in cleaning the kitchen. Make sure that you have already organized them in one place so that it’s easier to get them by the time you wanted to start cleaning. If all things are organized in one area, this would require less minutes to do. Also, do place your cleaning materials near the kitchen sink or any place near the cleaning area to save time from getting additional materials when cleaning. Basic cleaning materials include: all-purpose cleaning spray, dish soap, microfiber cloth, scrub brush for dishes, drying rack, dish towel, and dry cloth sweeper.

Sort out the dishes (1 Minute)

Fill the sink with warm water dropped with liquid soap. Make sure that the clean dishes have been separated already from the dishes that needs to be cleaned and washed.

Remove leftovers (5 Minutes)

Scrape all leftovers into the garbage bin then place all plates and food containers into the sink to soak. Pots and pans should be filled with water and soap as well and soaked on the countertop.

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Secure consumable items (2 Minutes)

Keep other food items. Store them in an airtight container and have them place inside the refrigerator or cupboards.

Wipe cabinets, kitchen tops, and nearby appliances (2 Minutes)

Using an all-purpose cleaner, spray the tabletop, outsides of the stove, and countertops then wipe with paper towel or microfiber cloth. In case there are stains in the stove, let the solution sit it for a few minutes before wiping. If time allows, you may also wipe nearby cabinets (especially the stained ones) with sponge rinsed in hot water.

Wash all the dishes (10 Minutes)

Wash all the dishes in the sink and dry them using clean towels or drying rack. Once done, clean the sink and faucet too.

Clean around (5 Minutes)

Sweep and mop the floor in case of spills and other mess.

Rinse and hang (3 Minutes)

Rinse dish cloths and towel and hang them in the laundry to dry.

See? If all materials are easy to access and if you have a system in cleaning the kitchen, there is no way that you can’t keep the area clean. It takes few practices but surely, it’s doable much more if you put your heart on it. So, what are you waiting for? Ready, get set, clean!

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