5 Questions You Must Ask Your Home Cleaning Service Provider

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Home Cleaning Service Provider

Ask and you shall find. Most of the problems that arise after home cleaning is a result of miscommunication – e.g. the housecleaner failed to follow the instructions given, the cleaning solutions used were not friendly to the appliances, there were parts of the house that were not cleaned, and many others. While it’s easier to attribute these lapses to the house cleaning service provider, it is also beneficial to address these problems before things get worse. In the end, who wants to waste time, energy, and money? No one.

So before you book for a home cleaning service provider, make sure to ask the following questions to avoid problems on your house and in between you and the company. Harness a good relationship and eliminate the stress by simply asking ahead some of these queries:

1. How Do You Set Your Rates?

While there is already and established rate system for most housecleaning services, it is always to know what you are paying for. Cleaning services may charge per hour, per project, or per number of employees being sent for the job order. Be specific of what you want to accomplish and don’t hesitate to ask how long would it take for the house to be cleaned most especially if the property is not on good condition or it needs to be regularly cleaned.  By doing this, you can have your house clean as fast as you need it to be and as save a lot of time and money.

2. Is a Long Term Contract Needed?​

While it’s good to maintain a steady relationship with home cleaning service providers, it is also good to assess immediately if you like the services they give. Before booking, making sure that you don’t need to sign a long term engagement with the service provider so that it is easier to find a new one, just in case you are not satisfied with the services that they provide.

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3. Do You Provide Your Own Cleaning Materials and Solutions?​

You might wonder why some services come with a cheaper price compared to the others. Well, maybe they don’t provide their own cleaning materials and cleaning solutions. Before booking, make sure to ask this question so that you won’t be surprised when the house cleaners won’t bring anything upon coming to your house. If you want to ensure the safety and longevity of your appliances, maybe you can prepare the solutions that you want them to use on your house. For faster services, make sure as well to prepare the tools needed ahead of time. However, if you don’t have all these materials, better yet book for those who will be providing their own cleaning materials and solutions when cleaning.

4. Are You Insured?​

Do not be afraid to ask this question. Since you are hiring strangers to clean your house, it is of utmost importance to ask if the company will pay in case of damage and lost in the property. This assures that even if you’re not at home, the house cleaners will be very vigilant in cleaning and would always avoid doing what may be forbidden by law.

5. Where to Send Feedback to Address Immediate Action?​

Satisfaction is very important to service providers; thus, do not hesitate to ask this question so that they will know that you are meticulous and want nothing but the best of their services. Reviews and feed backing options are usually given to customers so that the company can easily address queries and issues raised by customers. Look for the faster option to address your concern(s).

With the growing number of service providers these days, finding the right housecleaning service provider can be very difficult. This is the reason why inquiring these simple questions can easily narrow down your choices and help you save time and effort. Always remember: when in doubt, ask.

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