5 Tips for Helping an Elderly Person Clean Their House


Maintaining a clean, orderly, and well-maintained house can be challenging for seniors. An elderly person with excessive clutter may experience mental and physical exhaustion, especially if decluttering and maintaining a cleaner housekeeping are on their minds. Take into account these 5 suggestions to assist a senior in confronting their clutter during house cleaning in Los Angeles to create a safer, more tranquil home environment.

1. Prioritize and thoroughly plan your house cleaning.


The elderly should be included in the planning process. A seemingly impossible house-cleaning task can be broken down into smaller, more achievable tasks by creating a prioritized, thorough list. The house will eventually be neat and clean if you plan brief deep cleaning sessions that everyone can physically manage.

2. Make time to organize or eliminate clutter in your home.


Some elderly people have gathered so much stuff over the years that they have no idea it’s obstructing their home’s hallways or doors. Clearing all pathways inside and outside the home is crucial since this might be a risk factor for falls.

Schedule a time to clean up and/or arrange your home’s clutter. To significantly reduce the amount of clutter across an entire property, a caregiver might plan on dedicating a full day or weekend to the task.

Some suggestions for reducing clutter in the home include:

  • Begin in the most often-used room.
  • Control the cluttered room by room.
  • Put items in bags or baskets and arrange them by room.
  • Include the senior in the decision-making process for which items to keep, donate, or discard.
  • Include deep cleaning and organizing your cabinets and closets.
  • Old medicines, old cleaners for the home, and expired food should all be disposed of safely.

3. Get the senior involved and other family members to provide a hand.


Any form of organizing or deep cleaning a senior’s house is always best done with their participation. A senior citizen may value or have sentimental attachments to something that a caregiver would consider rubbish.

Maintaining all of the duties required to keep their house in order while you are caring for an elderly family member can be challenging. A family gathering should consider how additional family members may assist with deep cleaning projects. Employing a cleaning professional or asking friends and neighbors to help out are both alternatives. Another approach to aid with caregiving and maintaining a loved one’s home is in-home care services since many offer light house cleaning in Los Angeles.

4. Give seniors more manageable house cleaning and organizing tasks to do.

Your elderly relative can assist with organizing and house cleaning duties even if they are limited in their movement. While seated, assign your senior to dust tiny trinkets, clean silverware, or organize garments. Motivate the senior to sort through the mountains of collected paperwork.


5. Plan, schedule, and carry out sessions for deep cleaning and organization


Probably, a senior who still resides in their own home and doesn’t have it regularly and thoroughly cleaned. By taking the time to organize, schedule, and carry out deep cleaning and organizing sessions, family members or caregivers may help with house cleaning.

It takes time and patience to help an older person maintain a clean home, but with the right planning, asking for assistance, and remaining organized, it is feasible to give the house the care it needs to retain a cozy, secure space.

Seniors frequently require a little assistance to keep their homes tidy. Deep cleaning the floors or the bathtub becomes more difficult as we age. Our caregivers ease part of the stress and may assist our older customers with food preparation and house cleaning in Los Angeles to provide a clean and healthy environment.




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