5 Useful House Cleaning Tips that will Surely Save You a Lot of Time!

5 Useful House Cleaning Tips that will Surely Save You a Lot of Time! - Maggy Maid

So many things to do, so little time. Right? With all the daunting tasks needed to be accomplished these days, it is surely difficult to insert an overall housecleaning in the schedule. Probably the only time you’d be free to do all the necessary tasks in the house would be on a holiday. But the stains, dusts, and dirt won’t wait for that vacation. They will totally not.

In case you find it hard to do a general housecleaning, might as well make the most of your time and do things one at a time. Here are some household cleaning tips from professional cleaners in Los Angeles which we are sure that you can do on your limited time:

1. Leave the shower as clean as possible​

1. Leave the shower as clean as possible

Why wait for the holiday to clean the shower and remove stains when you can clean it on a regular basis? Save time by applying stain removers before you take the shower then allow the flowing water of the shower to rinse your body and stain removers altogether!
2. Spray Unstoppables to keep foul odor​

2. Spray Unstoppables to keep foul odor

The longer the house is kept unclean, the more it would stink. If you still can’t find time to clean all your carpets, upholsteries, rugs, linens, and curtains, might as well spray Downy Unstoppables on them. Aside from laundry, these products are good in cleansing the odor in the house. However, for those stubborn odors that sprays can’t quite conquer, it’s wise to consider enlisting the services of maid services in Los Angeles. They can help you uphold your home’s cleanliness and ensure a consistently fresh environment.

3. Ditch your carpet​

3. Ditch your carpet

Sure your carpets look great on your room, but aside from being pleasing to the eyes, are they of much help… specifically in cleaning? We all know how carpets work as the biggest reservoir of dusts in the house. So why keep them if you find it difficult to clean them regularly? Why not replace it with laminated, wood, or tile hard flooring? Instead of washing and vacuuming, all you have to do is to mop and sweep. Way more practical, right?

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4. Use microfiber when dusting​

4. Use microfiber when dusting

According to research, products made of microfibers are great at attracting and holding specks of dust because of their electrostatic charge component. Unlike regular rags and feather dusters, microfiber products do not spread the dust collected upon cleaning. In addition, as these microfiber products are washable, you can ultimately save money because you can use them over and over again. Just keep in mind that these need to be air-dried and should never be exposed to fabric softener as these degrades their ability to attract and hold specks of dust.


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5. Don’t let the entry of shoes in the house

Most of the dusts accumulated at home does not actually come from windows, doors, nor vents; they come directly from your shoes! If you look at it closely, it has been on outdoor for quite some time, roaming around streets, malls, cities, offices, and elsewhere. This is no wonder why your footwear is the greatest contributor of dust in your house. Instead of placing your racks inside your rooms, why not keep it near the doorway? Leave them on racks and walk without them inside the house. You may opt to place slippers near the door just in case you are not comfortable walking around without a footwear.

Cleaning the house does not always necessarily mean that you have to do a general cleaning every week. Regularly inspecting and addressing small cleaning needs can help prevent larger, more time-consuming cleaning tasks in the future. For instance, quickly wiping up spills, regularly dusting surfaces, and addressing minor stains can prevent them from becoming ingrained and harder to clean. 

A well-maintained house can lead to reduced stress and a more relaxed atmosphere. You won’t have to worry about a cluttered or dirty environment. And, by adopting a proactive approach to cleaning and maintenance, you can save time and energy, maintain a consistently clean home is more visually appealing and inviting. You’ll be ready to host guests or enjoy your living space without the stress of a big cleaning job. 



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