Allergy-Friendly House Cleaning Tips

house cleaning tips

It can be a big problem when dust and chemicals trigger an allergic reaction for you or your loved ones. But the bigger problem is when you neglect to clean and let the dust buildup in your entire home. Here are the tips that are given by house cleaning in Glendale that will let you do safe housekeeping and not trigger your allergies.

Use Protective Gear

No matter what type of allergies you have, it is mandatory to wear protective gear for your skin, eyes, and face. This could prevent allergy triggers. Allergies are most commonly triggered by a smell or inhaling dust particles, so covering your nose and mouth while cleaning is a must. It is understandable that you will not feel assured that your allergies will not be triggered even if you wear protective gear, so hiring a maid is a big help for you.

Do Not Unsettle The Dust

Most of the time, housekeeping tends to unsettle a lot of dust while picking up some of it. It can cause dust particles to become airborne and it means that you are not removing it completely. This will cause allergic reactions in the future. If you have hired a maid service before, you will notice that they make sure to pick up the dust completely to prevent unsettling in your home. Here are some helpful dust removal tasks that you can try:

Vacuum The Floors

We often get contented after sweeping the floor but this can unsettle some of the dust on the surface. Vacuuming the floor after sweeping can definitely remove any remaining dust and debris.

Dust The Furniture

A damp cloth will be the most useful tool if you want to make sure that the dust will not unsettle on your furniture. Wipe the area and surfaces thoroughly yet carefully to remove dirt and dust.

Clean The Carpets

Glendale Maid Service suggests that if you have carpeted homes or rooms, make sure that you do regular housekeeping. You can vacuum the carpets at least three or four times a week because the dust gets trapped easily on them. If you don’t regularly clean your home’s carpet, the dust will be transferred easily to various areas of your home such as the bed and couch. If you feel that cleaning the carpet requires a lot of work to do, you may consider hiring a professional maid to finish the work for you.

Change Sheets Weekly

Please keep in mind that your bed sheets and pillowcase can be a cause to trigger your allergies. So changing them weekly is good practice even when you feel like they are still clean. Dust and other small particles can be inhaled while you are sleeping, that is why you wake up sneezing or coughing the next day.

Wash your sheets and pillowcases using hot water to kill the dust mites and bacteria. Avoid using strong laundry detergents as they can also trigger your allergies.

Why Hire House Cleaning Services?

Allergy sufferers are mostly advised to seek help from a maid service company to clean their homes. Hiring cleaning services will ensure homeowners that there are no traces of dirt and dust that can trigger the allergies.

Hiring services for house cleaning in Glendale is the best choice for you. Maggy Maid is referral agency that refers house cleaners in Los Angeles and its suburbs. They have a dedicated team that uses different methods and tools for homeowners who suffer from allergies.