How to Clean a Crib Mattress and Baby Bedding in Detail

Learn crib mattress and baby bedding cleaning tips

Every house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles knows that crib mattress and baby bedding cleaning is not an easy task to do, that is why they always included it in their services. Our Team at Maggy Maid House cleaning Los Angeles somehow helps soon-to-be parents on how to properly clean their baby’s belonging.

Newly parents devote a significant amount of time to learning everything they can about preparing for a baby and caring for one as they grow older. There are some responsibilities that come with caring for an infant that are rarely covered in a book. All of the books, classes, videos, online research, and questions asked will undoubtedly help new parents prepare for the early stages of parenthood. Cleaning the crib mattress and sheets is the greatest way to ensure your baby’s health.

Many parents may have already taken on this responsibility, but others may be unaware of how critical it is. Continue reading to find out more.

How to Clean the Mattress in Your Baby's Crib

know how to clean the bed mattress on a baby bedding.

House keeping includes deep cleaning of all the rooms inside your home. Specially the babies room. You have to make sure that everything in it is being cleaned thoroughly, start from the floor to the crib mattress and baby bedding cleaning.

Remove the mattress cover to see whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. The latter can be machine-washed or hand-washed with baby soap and water, depending on the label’s instructions. The main goal now is to properly sterilize and clean the infant cot mattress. Follow the steps outlined below to accomplish this.

Step 1: Vacuum

Learning to properly vacuum the baby's crib

Even with a cover, a baby mattress is subject to dirt and dust, thus weekly cleaning is essential to remove the accumulation. Vacuuming the entire mattress is the most effective approach to remove dust and debris. Corners, edges, and sides are all included.

Furthermore, dust mites that are near to the surface of a crib mattress will be removed by vacuuming it. Keep in mind that mites typically hide in seams and corners, so vacuum thoroughly and carefully. Use a small head attachment to vacuum the seams and corners, then a soft brush attachment to vacuum the rest of the mattress.

Step 2: Remove Stains

Remove Carpet Stain Naturally

Even with a mattress cover, certain stains will always develop. A natural stain cleaner can be used to treat minor stains and discolouration caused by dust and debris. To make this solution, combine 1 cup of water, 1 cup of white vinegar, and 14 cup of lemon juice in a spray bottle and aggressively shake.

Use the mist setting to spray the mattress stains; there is no need to thoroughly cover the area. After dampening the spots, gently scrape them with a microfiber cloth to spot-clean them. If required, dampen the cloth with the same stain cleaner before rubbing the stain away. As the stains appear, move to a clean side of the cloth.

Turn the mattress over to clear stains on the opposite side.

Step 3: Clean the Mattress in the Crib

Properly learning to clean the crib mattress

To clean the rest of the mattress, use the same hypoallergenic laundry detergent that was used to wash the bedding. Simply combine 14 cup of detergent with 34 cup of water to get a sudsy solution.

After putting a soft scrub brush into the cleaning solution and shaking off the excess water, scrub the mattress in circular strokes. Try not to overwet the cloth, since this could damage the stuffing. Scrub the mattress from head to toe, along the seams, and along the sides. To ensure a thorough cleaning, rinse the brush on a regular basis.

Step 4: Rinse the Cleaner Off

Because the mattress cannot be rinsed with running water, it must be wiped down with a moist towel many times to remove the cleansers. For this, use a clean microfiber cloth that has been well saturated and wrung out, and rinse it as soon as you notice any soap residue on the cloth. Continue doing this until all traces of the cleanser have been removed from the cot mattress.

At this point, check the mattress for any missed stains and spot treat them as needed with effective cleansers. After cleaning the bed, dab it with a dry towel to remove as much water as possible.

Step 5: Clean and Disinfect the Crib Mattress

Learning how to clean and disinfect the crib

Bacteria may still be present in your baby’s crib mattress even after a thorough cleaning. As a result, the mattress must be washed separately with a baby-safe substance such as rubbing alcohol.

Apply a little mist of disinfectant to the mattress and allow it to sit for a few moments. Because rubbing alcohol dries on its own, there is no need for cleaning, scrubbing, or washing.

Step 6: Allow it to Air-Dry

As with your baby’s bedding, it’s critical to allow the crib mattress completely dry before using it again. There are a few things you can do to speed up the process, but depending on the weather, it can take a few days for the moisture to completely dry off.

It is advisable to place the mattress on a plastic table and let it to air dry in the sun during the day in a clean and dust-free location. Turn it over every two to three hours. Once the temperature has cooled, bring the crib mattress indoors and lay it in front of a high-speed ceiling fan to dry. Remember to rotate it every couple of hours.

There is moisture trapped under the mattress if the back of your hand feels chilly after touching it. To see if the mattress is completely dry, place it in a closed room for about an hour (without using a fan or HVAC system). If, on the other hand, the external material feels similar to the temperature of the room, it is dry and safe for continuing use.

Your child’s well-being comes first. So, in addition to meeting all of his or her demands, maintain the space clean by hiring professional house and make your house sparkle especially cleaning the crib mattress and baby bedding Downtown.


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