Simple House Cleaning Activities for Kids of Different Ages

kid hanging clothes

Most parents find it totally difficult to accomplish all household chores because of their kids. Kids are always associated with mess. Or so we thought. But what if we entertain the idea of not doing everything on our own and start delegating tasks to our kids? Is it possible?

Kids may be smaller than adults but this does not mean that they are less capable of accomplishing some of the household tasks. When enforced with the right amount of motivation to help in cleaning the house, these kids don’t only get to learn how to go about house cleaning, they also learn some life skills, develop sense of responsibility and self-reliance, practice teamwork, and even build a strong work ethic.

What are some of the housecleaning activities that children can do?

Before you go delegating tasks to your kids, make sure that the house cleaning activities that you assign to them are appropriate for their age – not too easy nor too difficult. You may also encourage them to choose the tasks that they think they can do. Of course, as they get older, these tasks can also get more challenging.

  • House cleaning activities for Toddlers (Age 2-3)
  • Toddlers aging from two to three can already be asked to pick up toys and clean the playroom, put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket, fill the pet’s food and water bowl, wipe spills, and pile books and magazine.

  • House cleaning activities for Pre-Schoolers (Age 4-5)
  • Preschool children with ages four to five can already be assigned to help in setting the table, matching socks and sorting clean laundry, emptying small trash cans, watering indoor plants, pulling weeds in the garden, helping in meal preparation, and handing wet clothes when doing the laundry.

  • House cleaning activities for School-age children (Age 6-8)
  • School children around six to eight years old can already do so much in house cleaning by tasking them to water the plants, clean the bathroom sink, wipe kitchen table, mop the floor, hang and fold clothes, sort groceries into the pantry, unload dishwasher, pack lunch for school, take out the trash, and even wash the plastic dishes.

  • House cleaning activities for Children age 8-10
  • The older your kids become, the more that they can help in house cleaning. For children ages eight to ten, you can already let them make their own breakfast, clean up the table and wash the dishes, sweep and mop the floor, do the laundry, help wash the car, take the pet for a walk, clean mirrors and the entire bathroom, as well the kitchen counter and sink.

  • House cleaning activities for Teenagers (ideal for age 11-14)
  • It’s about time you stop whining and get those teenagers in the house to do some house cleaning. If trained well, you can already ask them to do a number of household chores on your behalf like: grocery shopping, cooking dishes, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, changing light bulbs and vacuum bag, cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry, baby-sitting younger siblings, ironing the clothes, and changing the bed sheets.

You see? Your kids can actually become life-savers – that if you train them to love helping around the house and motivate them enough to initiate the cleaning without having to ask them. For starters, you may list down some of the household chores that you want them to do and then ask them what they want to volunteer to do. This chore system will help them navigate around the house and quickly do the tasks assign of them. Most importantly, don’t be stingy with praises. Give them positive feedbacks or even give them small tokens of appreciation for a job well done!

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