How Much Should I Spend on House Cleaning Products?

How Much Should I Spend on House Cleaning Products?

Without you knowing it, the cleaning products that you have one by one added on the budget has cost you a lot. According to surveys, an average American family spends $40 – $50 every month when purchasing house cleaning supplies. And this is increasing every year! Of course, as this is an estimate, this may vary to every household, region, and demand of supplies, but essentially it is important to examine how these cleaning materials are affecting the budget in order to easily identify how these spending can be cut down.

Cleaning supplies range from detergents to towels and mops then to trash bags and dishwashing soaps then to cleaning sprays. If broken down into usage, this may not seem alarming. But if accumulated altogether, the total amount would be astounding.

How much is spent in washing the clothes?

For laundry soaps and detergents, an average family would spend $80 to $85 a year. If looked through monthly expenses, this would range up to $7 a month for just a bottle or two of detergent. This is excluding the additional expenses needed for the energy consumption and purchase of machines needed for washing the clothes.

How much is spent on cleaning the floors and other surface of the house?

The monthly cost for cleaning the floors and surface of the house may vary on the size of the house and consistency in cleaning but more or less an average amount of $10 – $20 is spent for surface cleaners excluding the mops and rags used. Of course, this amount could go lower if the consumption for reusable cleaning materials is exhausted. Purchasing these kinds of materials maybe costly at first but compared to single-use cleaning materials, this would be cost-efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. Buying cloth rags is also a good option as these are absorbent, washable, and reusable. Thus, if you want to cut down on budget, avoid purchasing paper towels and cleaning wipes and make the most of your rags and washable mop heads.

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How to cut down on the usage of trash bags?

No matter what brand you are using, the price of trash bag would always be with the 7 to 10 cents range. So calculating it, if you are using trash bag daily or every other day, you would be spending $3 a month or $36 a year. Too much for trash depository, right? Instead of using a lot of these non-reusable bags, why not be cautious with the materials you are accumulating? Take time to recycle, avoid buying unessential things that would eventually end up in trash bins, and practice composting materials in your household. This way, you are not only decreasing the number of trash bags for your waste, you are also able to help the environment.

There are actually hundreds of ways on how you can cut down expenses for cleaning supplies, like patronizing generic brands, buying all-purpose cleaning solutions instead of specialty cleaners, using coupons on next purchases, maximizing household products for cleaning, or making your own cleaning solutions. But always keep in mind that cutting the cost does not mean that you have to settle for mediocrity. Be a wiser consumer without sacrificing the standard of quality for cleanliness.

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