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What should I clean first? This is the common dilemma of every individual at the start of house cleaning. Surely, with all the tasks needed to be done, it becomes quite confusing as to where & how to begin with. This is the reason why a number of homeowners opt to follow certain house cleaning timetable so as to easily trace where and when should the parts of the house be cleaned. This way, a lot of time, money and effort will be saved as there will no longer be a need to clean areas over and over again.

In fact, you might save a lot from hiring house cleaners by allowing them to clean the most important tasks while you manage those that you can do on the sideline. Here’s a quick timetable guide which you can do every day, once or twice a week, every month, and every three to six months.


Some activities for housecleaning needs to be done on a daily basis not only because of hygienic reasons but most importantly for the maintenance of the house. This includes:

  • fixing of the bed
  • washing the dishes every after meal
  • wiping the kitchen counters and tables
  • sweeping of the floors
  • emptying the kitchen rubbish bin
  • wiping of bathroom surface


Some tasks do not to be done regularly. Some of these are:

  • mopping of the kitchen and bathroom floors
  • scrubbing of bathroom surface
  • cleaning the mirrors
  • dusting some furniture
  • changing of beddings
  • checking of the expiration dates of food and discarding them if needed
  • wiping the kitchen appliances
  • cleaning the microwave


Some people prefer to do the housecleaning on midweek or twice a week. This could include:

  • cleaning the toilet
  • dusting all surfaces of the house
  • doing the laundry to avoid bulk of clothes to wash
  • organizing of clothes inside the closet

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Every Month

And there are actually house cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done daily, weekly, but monthly like:
  • cleaning the stove and refrigerator
  • cleaning cupboards, windows and walls
  • vacuuming the vents
  • dusting the blinds
  • cleaning the dishwasher, laundry machines, and vacuum
  • getting rid of cobwebs
  • sweeping and tidying of the garage

Every 3 – 6 Months

  • wiping of the insides of fridge
  • cleaning the range hood
  • washing of the shower curtain and liner
  • cleaning under and behind furniture
  • washing the pillow and comforter
  • vacuuming the mattress
  • cleaning the freezer

Every Year

  • cleaning chimney and fireplace
  • deep cleaning upholstery
  • deep cleaning windows
  • washing the curtains and drapes
  • clearing the gutters
Do not panic! Of course, you can always adjust all these tasks depending on your schedule and the number of people who can lend a helping hand in house cleaning. By doing this, you are assured that no areas are missed and that every part of the area is well maintained and easy to manage. But more than anything else, always include in the schedule a time to relax and enjoy with the family.

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