Cleaning Hacks While Sleeping

How to Clean Your House While You are Asleep

“Why can’t you just clean by yourselves?!” While it sounds crazy to ask the house to clean by itself, you can actually allow it to do some of the cleaning on your behalf while you are asleep. Yes, it is possible to remain productive while you are dozing off, saving some energy for more important things to do the following day.

One of the many reasons why housecleaning seems so difficult and taxing is because most people clean their house like a big marathon session – trying to accomplish all the things needed to be done in an entire day. This is where the problem lies. No matter how much effort and time you spend, you can’t finish all the tasks in one day. But, you can embrace passive cleaning and do some chores while you are sleeping. Here’s how:

1. Descale your faucet and showerheads.

You may not seem to notice it but faucets and showerheads tend to build up lime deposits as time goes by. It’s may seem harmless but eventually it would look really gross and may eventually become a breeding site for bacteria. To avoid all these, simply fill a resealable plastic bag with vinegar to submerge the faucet or showerhead. Secure the area with a rubber band or anything to tie. The next morning, you’ll be amazed how clean and shiny your faucets and showerheads become. Make sure to do a quick water rinse to remove the smell of vinegar though.

2. Dry the dishes.

Save a lot of time from drying and wiping the dishes by allowing the dishwasher to dry it out overnight. It will also help the dishwater avoid growing molds and mildew from building up!

3. Remove stains and grease from pots and pans.

Do not stress yourself too much with removing all those stains and grease. Simply add water (and baking soda) to those pots and pans and place the dryer sheet on top. Let it sit overnight. The following day, wipe them with clean sponge and proceed with the washing procedures like the rest of your utensils.

4. Banish rust from tools.

Yes, you can also remove all those rust from your tools by just soaking it overnight to a container filled with Coca-Cola. The soda’s phosphoric acid component will help in loosening the gunk thus making it easier to clean with the use of stiff brush.

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5. Clean bath toys.

To make those rubber ducks and other bath toys look new again, soak them in a bucket filled with ¾ cup vinegar with four liters of warm water. Leave it overnight then thoroughly rinse and air dry them the following day.

6. Deodorize your garbage container.

It’s stinky to deodorize the garbage container and it may leave the house with a foul odor for the whole day. So, why not do in the evening? Take the garbage bag out then sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the container. Leave the lid open overnight so as to let the air out. You can either wipe the baking soda the day after or leave it as is because it would still continue to deodorize your trash on the following days.

Not only that you get to save a lot of time, you become more prepared to clean the house knowing you’ve accomplished so much without investing too much effort. This time, you can cover more places to clean without pressuring yourself so much. Amazing, right?

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