Cleaning Wood Furniture in 6 Simple Steps

Cleaning wood furniture easily by knowing the method

Cleaning wood furniture is not easy, there are special method use to do it. Mostly, housekeeping services has their own checklist in doing so. Some mom’s create their own checklist or process to make the cleaning process hussle free.

Preparing for cleaning wood furniture

Knowing the right things to prepare for cleaning wood furniture

Begin with a basic dusting to remove clutter and avoid scratching. You do not need to engage cleaning services in Los Angeles to accomplish this. All you’ll need is a gadget that retains dust rather than dispersing or releasing it into the air. For cleaning more detailed components, you can use anything lint-free, such as a cloth or a cotton T-shirt, or a feather duster or dusting cloth.

Cleaning Wood Furniture in 6 Easy Steps

Knowing the easy steps for cleaning wood furniture

1. Make a cleaning solution and test it.

Create a solution for cleaning wood furniture

To avoid damaging the finish of your wood furniture, test how your house cleaning solution reacts to it before washing it. Dish soap is an old-fashioned wood cleaning for your furniture. Combine a few drops with four to five cups of warm water to make a mild detergent. Test your solution in an inconspicuous location on the furniture with a cotton ball or a Q-Tip. If the solution does not cause any damage, you can continue cleaning.

2. Clean the Wooden Surface

Learn cleaning wod table surfce

Then, using a clean cloth, wipe off your furniture with the house cleaning solution. Avoid wetting your wood furniture when cleaning it. Wring out a sponge or rag until it’s damp but not wet or dripping. To avoid water damage, wipe things down gently to clean them, then fully dry them right away.

If you require a harsher cleanser to remove the grime, mineral spirits might be utilized. It’s inexpensive and commonly available, and it can help restore a healthy shine to wood furniture finishes. Mineral spirits have strong scents and are flammable, so store your old rags with caution. Then, dampen an absorbent cloth. Wipe down your furniture and then remove it with a clean cloth.

Getting Rid of Polish and Grime

If you have a buildup of polish and filth on your wood furniture that no cleaning agent can remove, try black tea. This typical beverage’s tannins are effective for eliminating waxy build-up from wood during deep cleaning.

After brewing a few black tea bags in hot water, set them aside to cool. Then, wet a clean towel with the tea and begin wiping. Wring out your cleaning cloth as needed and dry the surface with a fresh clean cloth.

4. Stains that are difficult to remove

Cleaning wood furniture surface with this easy steps

To erase persistent ink stains, use equal parts baking soda and toothpaste, or prepare a paste of baking soda and warm water. This should be massaged into the stain, then gently buffed away and cleaned clean.

5. Hardware should be updated.

Learn how to update your hardwares like knobs

Handles and knobs are also found on wood furniture. Remove these parts from the furniture and soak them in a mild soapy solution to refresh them during a deep cleaning. A vinegar and water solution can also be used to remove stubborn tarnish. Replace each piece after thoroughly cleaning and buffing it as needed. If you are unable to remove the hardware, spray it with mild soapy water, polish it, and dry it immediately.

6. Defend Your Furniture Against Future Dirt

Once your furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, cover it to protect the finish and keep everything sparkling. Use furniture wax or polish to safeguard your hard work. Apply a small amount to a clean, soft cloth and gently rub it into the surface of the wood in the direction of the grain. To finish, buff it with a clean, dry cloth.

DIY vs. Professional Wood Furniture Cleaning

Cleaning your furniture might be simple, but if you’re working with an antique or high-end piece of wood furniture, you may want to hire expert cleaning services in Los Angeles. Deep cleaning methods should not be attempted on antique wood furniture since they may harm the finish and significantly reduce its value


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