8 Tips on How to Clean Your Staircase

Know how to clean your staircase.

Nobody has put off cleaning your stairs more than you. Many people put off cleaning their stairs because it may be really tough. Examples include getting to the corners of the steps, locating a vacuum outlet near enough, and gathering all the required equipment. Since it requires time and effort, cleaning the stairs is difficult. However, due to frequent usage, the steps need to be cleaned frequently. As per one of the trusted maid service provider, It would be great if you clean the stairs once per week as they accumulate dust, grime, and hair readily. Although before you get started, you must choose the cleaning technique that is best for your particular steps. Here is a detailed house cleaning process for each kind of staircase. There are different cleaning methods needed for steps composed of concrete, wood, and carpet.

1. Select your Cleaning Supplies for Cleaning Your Stairs

cleaning supplies

The type of home cleaning solution you should use while mopping a wood stair varies on the surface, so look for one that is designed for your specific finish. Dish soap is a great substitute for traditional cleaners because of how mild it is also people here in Los Angeles use this as an alternative solution for home cleaning to save money. Avoid using abrasive or powerful cleansers as they may damage the wood’s polish and make it seem dull and worn. If your staircase is unfinished or has a protective seal, you’ll also need liquid or paste wax. The importance of never polishing or lubricating wood floors or stairways cannot be overstated. As a result, there is a greater chance that you or someone you care about will trip and fall because the ground may become unexpectedly slick.

2. Check for any Scratches Prior to Cleaning Your Stairs

Cleaning the scratches found in the stairs

Add another layer of wax to the area if you see any dents in the stages. By doing this, the dent will be filled in and the surface will seem smooth again. To seal the crack and stop moisture from infiltrating your wood, use a different finish on scratches. Check your stairs frequently for dents and scratches so you can promptly correct any damage and prolong the life of your wood staircase.

3. Wipe it Down

Clean the dust on the stairs by wiping it off.

There can remain dirt that is tougher to remove after you have cleaned up the dust and debris. After all, someone in your home is sure to wear shoes that aren’t removed at the entrance. Your stairs may accumulate all of that grime, but it is quite simple to clean them. Take a sponge or moist towel and clean each step. As soon as you’re finished, use a towel to quickly dry your steps. If you leave the water sit, it could soak into the wood and lead to mold or decay. Though, rot and mold are less of an issue if your stairs are made of tile or steel. Wet steps, however, might pose a safety threat, so it’s better to dry them right away just in case.

4. Use a Vacuum in Cleaning Your Stairs

See how a house cleaning services in Los Angeles perform vacuum cleaning

Use a vacuum for deep cleaning – While gently cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is a good idea, it’s also important to do it sometimes. In these circumstances, using a vacuum cleaner is recommended. A lightweight vacuum with a coiled cord or one that is battery-operated is the ideal vacuum for carpeted stairs since you can move it about without worrying about it toppling over (or you falling over). Before utilizing a hose attachment to remove any dust that has been lodged in the fibers as well as mold, bacteria, and other minute insects, use a brush attachment to clean the surface aggressively also most of the time they use Vacuum for home cleaning in Los Angeles to save time.

5. Use a Steam Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner

Think about using a steam cleaner for tough cleaning tasks in addition to vacuuming. Hardware or home improvement stores carry one. Since steam cleaners may be used for a number of tasks, including gathering pet hair, cleaning stains, and extracting embedded dirt, they can be used to thoroughly clean carpet stairs.

6. Protect the Wood

Protect your wood stairs.

Moisture is the number one enemy of wood staircases. Treads that have water on them will become damaged. Use a moist rag and rapidly dry as you go to give your steps a deep cleaning if brushing alone is insufficient. To prevent humidity and wear, follow up with a firm vegetable wax.

7. Refinish the Banister

Cleaning the stair bannister

A lovely wood banister can occasionally become damaged from use. Oil and filth may be removed by cleaning, but your handrail’s shine is simply lost. The Homemade Network shows you exactly how to restore the elegance of your banister in a step-by-step fashion.

8. Use Baking Soda or Vinegar

Used different types of cleaning supplies

Vinegar and baking soda are two of the most amazing ingredients for DIY home cleaning solutions. Add a spoonful of baking soda after mixing roughly a cup of vinegar with an equal quantity of water. After swirling the mixture, pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on stubborn stains and let it sit on your carpet for about an hour. Allow the steps to air-dry after using a moist towel to wipe the surface.

Stair cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis. Naturally, maintenance and cleaning take less time if a nearby community’s stairs are used less frequently as a result of their presence. Many times, dirt is difficult to perceive with the unaided eye. However, it is not essential to overlook cleaning them because of this. Regular stair cleaning will improve their appearance and lessen the risk of the virus spreading.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Vacuuming or dust mopping up any dried material that can damage the flooring is a good place to start when cleaning hardwood stairs. After that, mix warm water with a liquid soap developed specially for wood in a bucket, or warm water with one part white vinegar to ten parts warm water. A soft cloth should be dipped in and thoroughly dampened before being wrung out.

Since it requires time and effort, cleaning the stairs is difficult. However, due to frequent usage, the steps need to be cleaned frequently. The stairs should be cleaned once a week at the very least since they are prone to collecting dirt, dust, and hair.

Taking the stairs might increase the blood’s “good cholesterol” levels. Stair climbing improves leg strength and maybe a top priority in helping the elderly reduce their chance of suffering injuries from falls.

Since ceramic is significantly more durable than porcelain or glass, it is the most popular and highly suggested tile type for stair risers. There are restrictions on where tile stairs may be built in your home because tiles are heavier than the other materials on this list.


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