The Sneaky Rules of Decluttering

The Sneaky Rules of Decluttering

Raise your hand if you love to keep things because you think you can still use them in the future. Guilty. Well, while this has been proven to be useful for some, most of time, this results to serious problems. If you give cluttering a closer look, this may lead into matters like: being forced to buy more things because you can’t find what you’re looking for, inability to pay bills on time because you lost them, running out of storage place, and worse, ending up stressed and depressed.

Clutter is a serious matter. This is why you have to be a little more considerate with the things that you are keeping. Believe me, if you do, you may turn the tables and even earn more from those clutter!

1. When in doubt, sell it out!

If you are doubting whether you can still use the things that you are keeping, maybe it’s about time to sell them. Because if you badly need them, you won’t spend a lot of time debating with yourself on that matter. So, sell them! There are a number of online sites and applications that allow you to earn cash from those clutter – old shirts, bowls, fandom memorabilia, toys, and many more.

If you feel a little more generous, you may also donate those stuff to those who really need them. Maybe, just maybe, those things need new owners who can make use of them while they are still in good condition.

2. Make good use of those toys.

Children would always demand for new toys. And the more you keep up with their requests, the more toys you’d be accumulating, the more money is spent. So here’s the deal: implement a toy rotation system. Keep the toys that they don’t like playing and leave those that they do. Give a few days or a week, they’ll soon get tired with playing the same thing over and over again; so, this time, keep them and take out the once that you have kept. This way, you will not have a hard time cleaning and organizing those toys when they are not in use and you will not be forced to always buy new toys for them.

3. Avoid throwing perishable goods. Store things accordingly.

Did you know that most household throw almost 40% of their perishable goods just because house owners forgot that they’re there? Organize your pantry and refrigerator. Store things accordingly so that it would be easy to list down that things that are actually needed at home and not just what ‘felt’ was needed. Through this, you won’t be throwing $5-$10 to your trash bins.

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4. Turndown that storage unit.

Include your storage unit in your decluttering agenda. What’s the use of decluttering when you are still renting a storage area for those things which would take forever to find? Get rid of those excess baggage and save that monthly rental fee!

5. Be free from stress.

Now that you have embraced a life of “Less is more”, you will now be able to attend to the things that really matter. You will no longer be stressed out with the great number of things that needed to be cleaned and organized. You won’t feel depressed with the tasks that need to be accomplished. Hence, you won’t need to pay someone to help you cope with your struggles. You are able to easily track your bills, pay them on time, avoid additional fines, and save a lot of time for yourself!

You see, there are many excuses that you can do so that you can keep your belongings forever but there is nothing more liberating than having a clean and more organized things inside the house. This allows your brain to work smoothly and your body healthier with lesser things to manage, clean, and organize. So, what are you waiting for? Start decluttering now!

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