FAQ: How to Deep Clean My Bathroom?

FAQ: How to Deep Clean My Bathroom?

By far, the bathroom is one of the favorite lurking sites of germs in the house. It is one of the most difficult to clean (if not regularly maintained) and most expensive in terms of deep cleaning. So to avoid spending a lot of money for cleaning the bathroom, it is essential to learn how to clean it on your own.

Knowing how to deep clean the bathroom also entails answering common questions related to deep cleaning. Here are some frequently asked questions when deep cleaning the bathroom:

• What parts of the bathroom needs meticulous cleaning?

To shorten the cleaning time spent in the bathroom, it is essential to identify the things that needed to be cleaned and follow a step by step procedure. This includes the shower, sinks, toilet, baseboards, shelves, tubs, floors, mirrors, and blinds.

• How to clean the shower?

In order to restore water pressure when you’re showering, it is best to remove hard water deposits in the showerhead. This can be done by submerging the shower head nozzle on a plastic grocery bag poured with vinegar. Soak it overnight. Rinse the nozzle with water the day after. In addition, you may also wipe condensation in the bathroom after showering and leave the window open so as to lower the humidity level of the room.

• How to clean tiles and walls?

Use an all-purpose cleaner in spraying and in cleaning walls, tiles, countertops, and ceiling. Turn on the hot water in the shower for five minutes and wait until steam builds. Turn off shower and leave the area for about 15 – 20 minutes so that the cleaning solution and steam mix. Wipe all surface sprayed with clean cloth or use microfiber mop in reaching higher spots.

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• How to clean the toilet?

Not many people like cleaning the toilet but it is a must to regularly clean to avoid bacteria build up. Get that squeaky clean effect on your toilets by using a toilet cleaner or vinegar. Pour it into the bowl and soak it for a few minutes. While waiting for it to soak, spray the exterior area of the toilet with a multi-purpose disinfectant. Use a scrub in cleaning and toilet brush in cleaning the bowl. Moreover, don’t forget to clean the toilet water tank as well!

• How to clean tile floors?

Not many people consider spending a lot of time cleaning the tiles, but if sand and grit won’t be removed immediately, they may cause permanent scratch or damage on surface. Here’s a quick technique on how to quickly get rid of these: remove dirt broom or vacuum, scrape sticky residue using old cards, and mop tiles with a pail mixture of hot water, vinegar, and dish soap.

• How to clean mirrors?

Sometimes a quick wiping on the mirrors does not provide a long lasting solution to the streaks and smudges found in the mirror, thus it is better to follow a step by step procedure in cleaning the mirror. First, remove stubborn debris with alcohol and clean cloth. Second, spray mirror with glass cleaning solution (or use a mixture of distilled water, vinegar, and corn starch). Third, use a crumpled newspaper in wiping.

Sure, keeping the bathroom clean would take a lot of hard work. But if you learn to use these hacks and to use proper cleaning materials, it would surely ease some tasks at hand. In case you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to hire house cleaning service providers to do some of these jobs. Happy cleaning!

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