Earn & Save Money in Moving Out Cleaning

Earn & Save Money in Moving Out Cleaning

So, you’re finally leaving your den, huh? Great. Sure, it’s exciting to start anew in a better and more radiant home environment but we all know that moving is not that bed of roses. Once you have added all the expenses – rent for moving trucks, payment for professional movers, deposit for the new house, and other miscellaneous – the price of moving can be a little overwhelming. Add to that the housecleaning that you are about to do in your previous and new home.

Can I skip that? Yes and no. Depending on the agreement with your landlord, move-out cleaning can be optional. But, as a responsible homeowner, it is but proper to prepare the house for the newcomer, right? Plus, you might get to earn some money while cleaning the house. Wait, what? Yes. You can actually reimburse or save on your expenses by just being a little creative with house cleaning. Here’s the trick.

1. No, no need to do the garage sale.

You want to earn money while moving out? No, don’t push anymore with that yard sale of yours. Waste of time, waste of effort. You can still sell those items you deem unnecessary without exerting too much effort in them. These days, you can just simply take photos of your things, post them on social media – Facebook Marketplace – then, voila! Someone will just pick it on your agreed time and place. No need to go through the hassles of hosting garage sales. You dispose items, earn from them, and do other important things without leaving anything behind.

2. Checkout local businesses to get moving boxes for free!

Instead of buying gigantic boxes or those particularly made for moving (and which you’ll never use again unless you move again), you may check local businesses around your area to get moving boxes for free. If you look at it closely, every store has a specific type of box that they have depending on the items that they sell – liquor stores have wine boxes with dividers that would be great for container for your mugs, glasses, and other breakables while bookstores or home appliance stores have sturdy boxes for hauling heavy items which would be great for your home appliances. Befriend the personnel of the stores and who knows what other kinds of useful things you can get from them aside from boxes.

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3. Choose a random weekday for moving out.

According to some agents, weekends, mid-months, and end of the months are the busiest times for moving companies – most especially summer. With higher demands for their services, moving companies tend to increase their rates. So, to save money check nearby companies and ask for quotations for the different days of the month. Look for days when the demand is not that high to get great deals and better rates. Sometimes, it would also depend on the number of items to move. Instead of availing that $1,000 full-service moving company, you may also hire movers to do just a portion of the job while you leave the rest to the experts. If time and energy permits, try to move some things little by little on your own. It may not be much, but at least to get to save some, right?

And there are other creative things that you can come up with. Simply think outside the box. As you clean around the house in preparation for your moving, look for things that you can declutter and sell. Make use of those home equipment, and be a wise spender of your money.

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