FAQ: How Much Should Be Charged for House Cleaning?

How Much Should Be Charged for House Cleaning

It’s truly amazing what excellent housecleaning services can do to your house. Spotlessly cleaned windows. Meticulously mopped floors. Well-dusted shelves and cabinets. Stainless sinks and bathrooms. But this kind of housecleaning services can come with a price. And if you are not that vigilant with your expenses, you may end up paying more than what you assumed it would cost.

So here, allow us to share to you everything you are paying for when you hire housecleaners. It is important to know how much to charge for housecleaning so that no conflicts will arise during the cleaning and both parties (you and your chosen housecleaning service provider) will work harmoniously for the betterment of your home environment. This will also ensure that your standards for cleanliness are met.

What is the average cost for house cleaning?

As of this year, the average cost for house cleaning ranges from $25 – $50 per hour per cleaner. However, this may vary depending on the size of the house (square foot, type of room, and number of rooms) that needs to be cleaned. Example, housecleaning a 2000 sq. ft. house with three bedrooms, can range to $150 to $250. While housecleaning a regular sized apartment can only reach up to $110 at most.

How long will it take for each area of the house to be cleaned?

Time is an important factor in housecleaning. To make sure that your housecleaner is doing the job seriously (as they are paid per hour), you have to know the estimated time needed for them to finish each part of your house. But before you go calculating how many hours needed for your house to be cleaned, you also have to take note of the condition of your own house. When was the last time it was cleaned? How many people have been using it? How big is the house? In case of big houses, maid service companies offer a good number of housecleaners to finish the task fast and easy. As they have a well-orchestrated methods of cleaning, a 1,000 square feet room area can be done cleaning in an hour. But you don’t expect this kind of efficiency when working alone. Though price may vary according to companies, usual rate would start at $20 – $30 dollars per hour for one cleaner, $20 – $50 per hour for two cleaners, and so forth.

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How can I shorten the time needed for cleaning?

Here’s the most important factor aside from the size and number of people needed for the cleaning, the type of cleaning you wanted for your house. Does it only need a little sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and tidying up, or you badly need those stains to be removed and include the refrigerators, lamps, windows, and those which are very difficult to reach? Take not that there is a big difference in cost for Standard Cleaning and Deep-cleaning which could sometimes reach up to $25 – $50.

So before you go booking for a housecleaning services, do a personal check of your own house. Identify what you can actually do to help lessen cleaning time and up to how much are you willing to spend for housecleaning. Make the most of your money and get only the best deals from your housecleaning service!

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