The Housecleaner Résumé: Finding the Right House Cleaner

Maggy Maid - Finding a House Cleaner Resume & What to Look For

Finding a house cleaner these days has been made easier thanks to Internet. But finding a reliable house cleaner who will ensure that your house is maintained to the best possible way is quite difficult. This is the reason why you have to meticulously read reviews and feedbacks given by other house owners. Another way to assess the house cleaner that you are going to hire (or rehire) is by looking into some criteria stipulated on the housecleaner’s résumé.

Here’s a quick check on your housecleaner’s résumé and the skills that you have to look for in them:

1. Has attention to details

One of the very first things that you have to observe upon your housecleaners is their ability to look beyond what meets the eye. Notice how these cleaners meticulously go over the things around the house or how they vacuum or mop every corner. Without you telling them, see how they make sure that the area is left spotless.

2. Has good time management

Time management is another essential skill your hired cleaners should have. Remember that they are paid for the hours they spent in your house; thus, they can either make the most of it by doing all things needed or by slacking down to add more hours for you to pay. Be very vigilant and see if they can accomplish more than you do on the areas that you usually clean. By doing so, you’ll be assured that you are getting the most of what you are paying for.

3. Versatile. Can easily adopt to change

As they say it: no two days are the same. Therefore, you must observe how your cleaners treat every part of your house. Recognize how well they give each part of the house the kind of treatment it deserves. Aside from the tasks given, see as well if these cleaners are versatile in terms of efficiency given the time assigned for them to clean. It is necessary for housecleaner to adapt to these challenges as you go on giving them more access to every part of your house.

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4. Has initiative

Does your housecleaners do only what you ask of them? Or they go the extra mile to make sure that your house get the treatment it rightfully deserves? Remember that you will not always be with your housecleaners when they clean your house; therefore, it is essential to know that they can work on their own without you telling them what else to do, but, without overly doing it.

Hiring the best housecleaners can be a trial and error process. But this does not mean that you have to exhaust all means before finding the best one – for that would mean spending so much time and money. Make time to read feedbacks and reviews, or better yet, interview your housecleaner first before asking the housecleaning services to send them. Go over their resume and double check that they are not just making things up.

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