Hiring a House Cleaning Provider: Pros & Cons

Hiring a House Cleaning / Maid Service Provider: Pros & Cons - Maggy Maid

There are many reasons you can come up with as to why you do need a home cleaning service provider and why you don’t. If you have all the time in the world, why would you allow a stranger to clean your belongings inside your house? You also know that this cost a reasonable amount of money. We all know that home is where our heart is and the moment you embrace the house you are living, you already have the responsibility to take good care of it – this includes regularly cleaning and sanitizing it.

But not all of us have enough time in this world to do all these. Some of us might be busy and some of us might be tired from the days work. If you want to check America’s disdain in house cleaning, check our infographic visualization here.

Well, getting a house cleaning service provider may not be practical for many, but let’s admit that hiring a reputable house cleaning agency can be a life saver. Why? Here are the advantages of hiring home cleaners:


  1. You can reset more.
  2. You can attend to your family / personal needs.
  3. You no longer need to hassle yourself with learning how to clean all parts of the house.
  4. You can keep the environment safe for children and the elders.
  5. You don’t need to stress yourself organizing things.

1. You can rest more

Even superheroes need time to rest. After working straight for eight to ten hours, who would still have the energy to clean the house? This deficiency of time and energy to clean the house can only be addressed when you hire a home cleaner. Through this, you can rest your mind upon reaching home and won’t be bothered with all the remaining tasks needed to be attended to at home.

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2. You can attend to your family / personal needs

The things needed to be done at home can be very overwhelming: mopping the living room, washing the curtains, dusting off the appliances, sweeping and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming carpets, and many others. If you will attend to all of these, when will you have time to attend to family gatherings or spend it for date nights? One of the many advantages of hiring home cleaners is that, you get to shorten the list of things to be done and give space for things that will surely make you happy (of course, a clean house can make you happy but spending quality time with loved ones is of different level). Maximize your time and join socials. Update with friends and hangout with officemates and leave the cleaning to your reliable house cleaning service provider.

3. You no longer need to hassle yourself with learning how to clean all parts of the house.

Everyone wants a clean environment, but not everyone is meticulous enough to accomplish all things in a single day, most especially if you are not really the type of person who likes cleaning. So save the hassle of learning how to operate those cleaning materials and cleaning over and over again a certain area just because you don’t know where to start and how to start. Let’s admit it, there are tricks on cleaning that can only be done with years of experience. Hire a house cleaner and get it all done.

4. You can keep the environment safe for children and the elders.

Okay, you want to do the cleaning by yourself. But when? Regular cleaning becomes a necessity most especially if you have children and elderlies at home. Remember, a dirty environment and unorganized house can be a hazard for their health and safety.

5. You don’t need to stress yourself organizing things.

There’s the thing, not everyone is good at organizing. It’s a given fact. So why strain yourself from thinking how you can make the house more organized when there are professionals who can do it for you? Put your expectations into reality by hiring someone who has been in the business for years. This way, you can save a lot of time and have your home as organized as possible without you breaking down because of the things that you can’t do.

Hiring home cleaners may be costly at times, but if the price is right and duly compensates for what you want, why stress yourself with cleaning by yourself?

While there are a number of advantages when hiring maid service providers, there’s always two sides of a coin. If you still don’t feel the need of hiring a maid service provider, check out our list below if you might have one of these reasons.

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  1. You might spend a lot.
  2. You are risking the security of your ouse.
  3. You can’t be assured that their standards for cleaning meet yours.
  4. You are not guaranteed with the consistency of cleaning quality you wanted.

1. You might spend a lot.

We all know how tough house cleaning can be; hence, the reasonable amount asked by cleaning services charged for the job order. Some cleaners would charge on hourly rates while others come in packages. Furthermore, you are very particular with the tasks that are needed to be done, additional fees might be asked by the housecleaners (sometimes more expensive than the regular rate). While many house cleaners can guarantee the meticulous kind of cleanliness that you wanted, let’s admit that they come with a much higher expenses.

2. You are risking the security of your house.

Allowing other people to clean your house is also allowing them to know who are the people you are living with (or if you are living alone), your working schedule, and the possessions you own. While most house cleaning services provide insurance policies to their customers and they have set of professional house cleaners who have proven their worth for years, how sure are you that you have chosen the most reliable house cleaning service provider?

3. You can’t be assured that their standards for cleaning meet yours.

We all have our particular set of standards in terms of cleanliness. These would include the process on how the place is cleaned, the cleaning materials used in cleaning, and the solutions needed to ensure the cleanliness of the house. In addition, some housecleaners may place some of your items where ‘they’ think would be best not on where ‘you’ think it would be best. While most house cleaners have undergone strenuous trainings for house cleaning, not everyone can actually match the kind of cleanliness that you want for your house. This might result to dissatisfaction and waste of money.

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4. You are not guaranteed with the consistent type of cleanliness you wanted.

Some house cleaning service provider might give you a different house cleaner the following week or month. This then might lead to some discrepancies on the consistency of the cleanliness your house needs. While these house cleaners are trained similarly, the things that they learn may be different at times; hence, the difference in the results.

If you are meticulous enough, you might even harness a good relationship with your home cleaning service provider who can maintain the kind of cleanliness you wanted for your house.

So before you go booking for that much needed house cleaning service, always discern about this decision and consult reliable individuals and read more reviews before hiring.

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