House Cleaning 101 for Safe Upholstery Cleaning

Clean a leather sofa by house cleaning services in Los Angeles

One of the common house cleaning 101, is to make sure that the sofa is well kept, or it is being upholstered once leather stressed is already visible. Sitting on the sofa with the kids, the dog, and a bowl of chips may really help you feel better after a stressful workweek. Upholstered furniture, however, may pick up stains, pet hair, and food crumbs more quickly than you can overindulge in your favorite new program because it is the most used sitting in the house. To restore your couch, armchair, and ottoman to their original beauty, take the DIY route and follow these instructions during your house cleaning in San Diego.

1. Explore Your Upholstery Prior House Cleaning

Furniture fabric cannot be simply thrown in the washer like bedding can. To learn about its suggested housekeeping technique, though, you need to exercise the same level of attention.

A tag is usually present on the bottom of the couch or under the cushions of upholstered furniture. If you can’t find it, check for the washing directions online using the production information.

One of four categories will be included on the tag or online instructions:

  • W: Water may be used to clean your upholstery.
  • S: Only use waterless cleaning supplies, dry cleaning, and steam cleaners.
  • WS/SW: You may use dry-cleaning agents that are solvent- and water-based.
  • X: Instead of doing it yourself, use a professional upholstery cleaner.

2. House Cleaning Includes Vacuuming First

House cleaning tips using vacuum

Consider deep cleaning your upholstered furniture in the same way you would with a floor: first, you must take out all the loose, dry particles before applying soap and water.

Put the furniture or difficult-to-reach area nozzle attachment that came with your vacuum cleaner on the end of the arm. Do not forget to vacuum the area surrounding the sofa’s base, the backrest, and underneath the cushions.

For especially furry pets in your home, you might need to finish things out with a lint roller or a fur brush

3. Concentrate on Light Stains Before Deep Cleaning

What produced the stain and the fabric of your furniture are the two key factors in stain removal. The water-based do-it-yourself deep cleaning techniques we’ve outlined below frequently work well on general grime and food stains. Even for pet or infant mishaps, you may use them.

For precise directions, please check the label on your upholstery. Next, acquire the following materials for fabric and synthetics:

  • unfilled spray bottle
  • clear vinegar
  • dish soap
  • a soft sponge or cloth made of microfiber

In your bottle, mix one part vinegar, three parts warm water, and one teaspoon of dish soap. Spray the cloth on an inconspicuous spot to check that the mixture won’t degrade the color.

Spray the mixture on the stain and gently scrub it in tiny circles starting from the outside. Rinse the soap off with a clean towel and clean, warm water. Before making another series of assessments, let the area air dry.

Apply the same procedure for leather furniture by combining one part of olive oil and two parts of white vinegar.

4. Deep House Cleaning Using the Rented Steamer

House Cleaning Steamer Vacuum

It could be time to rent or buy a furniture steamer if stains, odors, and general wear are alienating from the overall appearance of your sofa. Depending on its size, a steam cleaner for furniture may be rented for about $35 per day or bought for between $100 and $150. Even though it can seem expensive, an upholstery deep cleaning from a professional might cost up to $300.

Prepare your steamer for use after verifying the specifications for your upholstery and vacuuming any dirt. Start by drying out your pillows and loose cushions. Continue to the couch’s body by making crisp, straight motions that follow the fabric’s grain.

5. Treat Difficult Stains First

Depending on the restrictions of your upholstery fabric, you might wish to pre-treat harsh stains. Starting with soaking up as much of the liquid as you can with a dry towel can help prevent pressing the components deeper into the upholstery if you have a sudden stain, such as a splash of grape juice or salad dressing.

For removing tough stains from things like coffee, oil, and even blood, there are a few simple housekeeping remedies that may be used. For instance:

  • Grease, oil, or red wine should all be sprinkled with salt. Wipe with soap and water before doing the deep cleaning process.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to clean up areas that have been impacted by blood or red wine. Before using this technique on the stain, make sure to test it on any unnoticed areas.
  • Even using permanent markers, you may remove stains with the vinegar, water, and dish soap procedure.

6. Deep House Cleaning Also Means Taking Care of Hard Odors

Learn to remove bad odor when doing house cleaning

It could be challenging to keep up with scents over time if you have young children in the house or dogs who like to snuggle up on the cushions. Dust your couch or chair with a little coating of baking soda and let it for several hours to absorb smells between deep cleanings. Vacuum the baking soda completely, then do it again once a week or as often as required.

Add a deep clean to your spring cleaning to-do list if you find that your upholstered furniture has been neglected over the year. During your house cleaning, also keep in mind that if you ever consider replacing your furniture, you can always contact a professional upholstery cleaning.




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