Ultimate House Cleaning Guide for Disinfecting Most Touched Areas

Guide on disinfecting and house cleaning

Begin your regular house cleaning or housekeeping routine in Indianapolis by focusing on frequently touched areas in your home. This simple step is an effective way to maintain cleanliness. Additionally, sanitizing these areas after illness helps prevent the spread of germs.

The optimal approach to house cleaning involves batching together the cleaning of high-touch areas. Start with light switches and switch plates, then move on to doorknobs, kitchen handles, etc. Below is a reference list you can share with your maid to ensure thoroughness and organization. Providing a copy helps maintain consistency, enabling the cleaner to use specific cleaning tools or clothes for different areas. Additionally, if unable to complete everything in one session, it allows for easy resumption at a later time.

Most touched areas:

  • light switches and switch plates
  • door knobs
  • bonus points for cleaning your doors
  • kitchen appliance handles (fridge, dishwasher, oven)
  • bonus points for cleaning your appliance fronts
  • telephones (landlines + cell phones)
  • staircase railings
  • cupboard and drawer knobs and pulls in the kitchen
  • cupboard and drawer knobs and pulls in the bathroom(s)
  • bonus points for cleaning your cupboard and drawer fronts
  • TV remotes
  • game controllers

House cleaning and disinfecting guide

Learn how to make a guideilne for house cleaning

Many of these frequently touched surfaces can be effectively cleaned using either a microfiber cleaning cloth or a bar mop towel along with some all-purpose cleaner. While numerous ready-made cleaners are on the market, I’ve also provided below the ingredients I use for my spray and cleaner. An all-purpose spray cleaner can be applied directly onto your cleaning cloth for convenient use—simply spray, wipe, and repeat as needed.

All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

  • 1 1/4 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 10 drops of your favorite essential oil (lemon and clove is my favorite blend)

Once you’ve gathered all the listed ingredients, mix them together and transfer the solution into a spray bottle for easier application. Spray generously onto surfaces and wipe clean using a soft cloth.

House cleaning implemented by a lady

For areas such as doorknobs, light switches, and remotes/game controllers, you can apply rubbing alcohol directly onto a cleaning cloth or bar mop towel and wipe down. The alcohol effectively eliminates germs while simplifying the deep cleaning process and housekeeping in Los Angeles.

As you’ve likely discovered, maintaining a clean environment is manageable with consistent effort. However, if these tasks still consume too much of your time, don’t fret. Maggy Maid is here to help. Our team offers regular assistance with your house cleaning needs, ensuring your home remains a safe and welcoming space for you and your loved ones. Partner with us today for a healthier and tidier living environment!

Maggy Maid, your trusted Indianapolis housekeeping company, delivers top-notch, budget-friendly services tailored to your needs. Whether you require a thorough deep cleaning to kickstart your own routine or prefer to delegate cleaning responsibilities entirely, we’re equipped to make your space shine with our scheduled maintenance cleanings.


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