House Cleaning Essential Tips: Caring for Your Clothing

Know how to properly storing your wool cloathing

The house cleaning and housekeeping process cannot be considered complete until all laundry has been done. As part of our daily lives, our clothing is subject to dirt and germs that may spread throughout the house if not properly cleaned. As a result, we must complete it and incorporate it into our regular house cleaning services and practices here in Nashville.

Keeping our clothes clean also means paying attention to and carefully observing all the details that go into keeping them clean. If you do not follow the laundry labels on your clothes, you might cause them to fade, dull, and shrink. Nevertheless, it’s understandable that in our busy lives, only a few of us take the time to hand wash clothes when the label says to, and sometimes we even forget to use cold water or the delicate cycle when we should. A shirt, sweater, or pair of jeans shrinks overtime when improperly washed and dried. In this instance and consideration, you might just consider hiring an all-around house cleaning or maid services to do the job for you so that the clothes will last longer rather than getting damaged or thrown away.

The question now is how can we take care of our clothes and why do our clothes shrink when we wash them? Is there a particular cleaner and method that we can use to make our clothes last longer? There are many times when we wind up with clothes that are suddenly too tight after drying natural fibers. Our clothing shrinks when we use too much heat on our dryer, especially fibers like cotton, wool, and other natural materials. While some fabrics can shrink when they are washed with hot water, mohair and cashmere can shrink from agitation in the washer. In short, the simplest answer to take good care of our clothes would be checking labels and instructions, and following them would help you avoid damaging your clothes. 

Instead of going on a crash diet or buying new clothes because you feel like you’re gaining weight too quickly or damaging your clothes, use this guide below to learn how to unshrink cotton, synthetics, and even wool.

How to unshrink clothes prior house cleaning

A shrunken shirt is difficult to conceal, no matter how many makeup stains, dull colors, or tears there may be. In this case, how would you handle it if your shirt came out of the dryer two sizes too small? 

This easy guide from a trusted house cleaning agency in Sacramento will show you how to unshrink clothes made from cotton and other natural fibers.

  • Pour two tablespoons of hair conditioner into your sink to serve as a cleaner and softener, and fill with room temperature water.
  • Submerge the shirt completely in the conditioner and water mixture.
  • Working the conditioner and water into the fabric with your hands will make it more absorbent.
  • Soak the shirt in the conditioner and water for 30 minutes.
  • Without rinsing the shirt, drain the water and wring it out.
  • Roll up the shirt tightly on a towel to remove as much liquid as possible.
  • Unroll the towel and spread the shirt out flat.
  • Take your time and gently stretch out the shirt.
  • Use pins or something heavy to hold the shirt’s shape.
  • Let the shirt air dry, and you should find that it’s back to its correct size and shape.
decluttering and house cleaning san diego

When removing shrinkage from polyester or other synthetic shirts, follow the same steps as with cotton shirts, but do not wring out the shirt. Rather than soaking the shirt, lay it out flat on a towel and squeeze excess water out. Let the shirt air dry, and you should find that your shirt is back to its normal size.

Cotton and cotton blends can be tough to keep their best looks, especially when used for shirts and blouses. As cotton shrinks naturally when it’s washed, it can shrink again and again if it is not washed and dried correctly. When we’re dealing with adulting stuff other than Nashville house cleaning services and practices such as doing our laundry, it’s tempting to dry a blouse or dress shirt in a hot dryer instead of ironing it, which makes things go faster. Those same heat waves that iron our clothes in the dryer are also shrinking fibers as they smooth wrinkles. In this scenario, you may want to try reaching out to Maggy Maid to help you out find the best solution to taking good care of your beloved clothes.


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