House Cleaning of Marble Shower Step by Step Guide

Know how to house clean a marble shower

House cleaning in Los Angeles is one of the topic that has been bugging the mind of many. Especially if it include cleaning a marble bathroom. But worry no more! In this blog, you will learn the essential marble shower cleaning procedure.

Do you have a fancy marble shower? Given the cost, marble is exquisite and deserves to be treated with care. But the majority of people are unaware that marble has specific deep cleaning requirements. Nobody wants to damage the marble shower, that’s for sure. Let’s discuss some of the gentle love and care that you must provide when cleaning a marble shower in Glenwood Meadows. We may go through some of the top marble detergents as well as some all-natural ways to clean a marble shower. Let’s get going.

Begin with the Don'ts

Lear why you need to begin with the Don't

You should know what damages marble and what you shouldn’t do to clean your shower before you even pick up any house cleaning supplies. By doing this, costly errors are avoided.

  1. Your supplier or manufacturer will always give you a warranty because marble is so expensive. There will be various instructions that will indicate a voided warranty, so you should carefully read through them all. Any reconstruction will be exceedingly expensive once the warranty has been voided.
  2. In order to naturally clean a home, many individuals utilize acidic cleaners. This could damage marble. The marble can only be cleaned using pH-neutral cleaners, which prevent surface deterioration.
  3. This kind of stone is easily scratchable. The surface is threatened by using anything hard. When attempting to remove tough or sticky residue and stains, avoid using tools with rough bristles, coarse sponges, or anything similar.

A Mild Cleaning

Knowing that deep cleaning should be performed once or twice a month will help you answer the question of how frequently to clean a marble shower or bathtub. As a light cleaning can be as simple as wiping down, a deep cleaning process should run over the marble more than once to ensure that the dirt is caught where it needs to be. Make sure to avoid using any store-bought cleaners.

Learning on doing mild house cleaning in Los Angeles

When you take a shower, residue from soaps, conditioners, and shampoos lines the walls. To remove any sticky residue, gently wipe down the walls with a microfiber cloth while allowing the water to run. Since the method is solely to remove the residue from the walls, you don’t need to use a cleaner in this situation.

Simple Advice for a Wipedown

  1. The walls should not be cleaned with body soap or shower products. It does leave a coating of dirt and residue behind because it is for your body.
  2. The easiest approach to remove all the muck from the walls is to use a shower head that can move or a hose to rinse down the walls after wiping them off.
  3. Make sure to clean the showerhead as well as the bathroom’s other fixtures. Even though your job is to clean the marble, the project as a whole shouldn’t be neglected.

Avoid Using These Products for a Wipedown

learn how to choose the right materials for house keeping and cleaning Los Angeles
  1. Use only non-degradable materials; avoid paper towels. It only makes the mess worse.
  2. Avoid using a sponge since sometimes it can merely spread dirt everywhere.
  3. Avoid using a brush with strong bristles that could scratch the marble.
  4. Use only clean clothes; never use unwashed ones. You don’t want to change the marble getting stained by any dye.

It’s not necessary to clean your marble in a daunting manner. It only requires a small amount of work and the use of the proper house-cleaning supplies. The majority of individuals use vinegar, baking soda, and other acidic cleaners as their first line of defense. That is effective for certain bathrooms but ineffective for a marble shower. This will destroy the surface permanently by eating right through it. No one wants to deal with this because the repairs are expensive.

When cleaning a marble shower in Glenwood Meadows, you must use a pH-neutral cleaning agent. There are several options available, and the top cleaners are included in the list above. Your marble should be well-cared for and remain in good condition if you perform a few wipedowns each week and deep cleaning once or twice a month.


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