Guide: House Cleaning Service Costs and Rates

Maid Service or House Cleaning Service Costs & Rates

Money is everything. For this reason, we have to be very vigilant about how we use our money because, if not duly accounted for, it could easily vanish into thin air. We have to learn to choose wisely among the services we avail of and know how to get the best deals. Just like knowing if we are getting the most out of the housecleaning services that we avail of,.

No doubt, housemaids are of great help in making our house a better place to live in. They have totally increased our productivity, as we are now able to focus on things that need our attention. However, we also have to know if we are actually getting the best of the services that we are paying for. The easiest way to do this is to make a comparison of the prices of the best maid services in our area. HomeAdvisor has published a national estimate of House Cleaning Costs in 2019 which you can check here.

We have narrowed down the list of the best housecleaning service provider here in Los Angeles so that it is easier for you to decide what to choose.

These price ranges were gathered by carefully selecting the best maid services in Los Angeles and getting their hourly quotations, and calculating their minimum charge.

  • Merry Maids – $45 per hour/ $180 minimum charge
  • Valley Maid Service – $129 minimum charge
  • Molly Maids – $40 per hour / $120 minimum charge
  • Empress Maids – $31 per hour/ $93 minimum charge
  • Maggy Maid:
    • $102 minimum charge (Los Angeles)
    • $89 minimum charge (San Diego, Sacramento, and Orange County)

Factors that affect cleaning service pricing


These are some of the most common factors that will influence the cost of your house cleaning services. The cost of house cleaning services will always vary depending on the size of the house; the larger the home, the higher the charge for house cleaning services. In considering the condition of the house, the more unclean it is, the more cleaning it will require, and the higher your cleaning fees will be. And depending on a cleaner with more experience, a cleaner with less experience should wait until they have the reputation and know-how to back up their higher rates.

Homes with pets as well can also cost you more, as this may result in more cleaning time. And for those areas in the home that need a deep cleaning compared to a regular cleaning,. Areas that take more time, effort, or cleaning products. In addition, home locations vary from location to location, and if you have to travel a considerable distance, it will cost you more in fuel and time. You have the option to schedule clients in the same area on the same day or use route optimization to reduce drive time.

Setting your house cleaning prices requires consideration of many factors and a variety of pricing methods. Your pricing may be unique among others, but it will be appropriate for you and your clients.

Free House Cleaning & Maid Service Estimates


But decide yet! It is not enough to just compare hourly quotations and calculate the minimum charge. As wise homeowners, we also have to look into the key factors that need to be considered when choosing a house cleaning service provider, aside from the price that we have to pay. What are these key factors?

  • Maid Service standard for cleanliness

It’s a given fact that we have different standards when it comes to cleanliness. To avoid further conflict, make sure that the maid service that you choose has a satisfaction guarantee standard. This way, you will be assured that everything you wanted to do at home will be accomplished.

  • Housemaid Background and Reference Check

Of course, more than cleanliness, we always wanted to be protected from all kinds of harm. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask your service provider about the steps they have taken upon hiring their housecleaners. Make sure that they have undergone a thorough screening and background check process. Make the most of what you are spending, and don’t be afraid to ask your maid service provider for details. These days, it is very easy to find a cheap housecleaning service provider, but how sure are you that they can fulfill everything that you want them to do and that your house is always secure with them? Be vigilant. Choose wisely.


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