American Time Use Survey Visualization on Household Activities

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House cleaning isn’t thrilling, even when you’re stuck at home with nowhere else to be; time can drastically change cleaning habits.

In a June 2023 American Time Use Survey Visualization by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), Maggy Maid, a Los Angeles house keeping agency, unearthed new cleaning tips.

The survey showed that during the pandemic, 85% of American women and 70% of American men, took on household chores such as housework, cooking, lawn care, or housekeeping.

Statistics indicate that women makes time for cleaning, showing their commitment to upholding cleanliness standards within the household. Men, on the other hand, prioritize relaxation over extensive cleaning.

The difference in cleaning habits depends on the priorities assumed by individuals, contributing to a broader understanding of gender dynamics in household management.

On weekends, most prioritize food preparation and cleaning over traditional housekeeping tasks, regardless of gender. This highlights the significance of culinary activities and the upkeep of food-related spaces during leisure periods.

This information inspired us to create an engaging infographic to delve deeper into the insights uncovered. This tips can help a lot in planning your next cleaning schedule.

We invite you to continue scrolling to explore further details and enrich your understanding about the recent household activity time used.

Knowing the used time for house cleaning

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