Dirtiest Things in the House & How to Clean Them

Dirtiest Things in the House & How to Clean Them

No matter how you clean your house, if don’t get too meticulous with every nook and cranny, germs and dirt will remain lurking around. If you’re grossed by just the thought of it, then probably it is time to look around and see the breeding places of these hideous organisms. And believe me, sometimes, the very thing that you use for cleaning is actually the one spreading bacteria around the house.

With numerous diseases and flu hanging around, make sure that your house is free from all of them. But before you freak out, allow us to help you break down and check the places that you have neglected. Here are some of the dirtiest things in the house and how you can clean them:

• Dish Sponge

Yes, your dish sponge is one of the dirtiest items you have at home. While most people thought of the bathroom as the dirtiest place in the house, in a study conducted in 2011 by the NFS International, it was found out that the kitchen had it worse. There was a great number of bacteria, yeast, and mold in this corner of the house; specifically, there were coliform bacteria (family of Salmonella and E. coli) on more than 75% of the dish sponge and rags that they tested.

To avoid this, you may place your wet sponge inside the microwave for two minutes every day. It is even better to replace the dish sponge every two weeks. To save a little more, you may replace sponges with dishcloths, towels, and rags because these can be reused and sanitized by bleach when washing.


• Doorknobs

The doorknob is the most overlooked item when housecleaning. According to professional cleaners, doorknobs are one of the most germ-ridden items in public buildings and at home. So, if you don’t often wash your hands before touching the doorknob, you are actually inviting tons of contagious viruses into your home. So, the next time you go housecleaning, include the doorknob. It won’t cost you a lot of time, but it will save you from viral diseases.

• Chopping Boards

Reader’s Digest recently cited that the average chopping board has 200 times more fecal matter than your toilet seat. This utensil used every day has been harboring germs which could cause bacterial food poisoning as it is a source of cross-contamination if not washed, stored, and replaced properly. The best way to clean it is by disinfecting using the dishwasher, but if it’s not available, you can maximize the use of an cleanser and spray it on the chopping board. Have it sit for about five minutes before rinsing.

• Handbags & Purse

Yep, your handbags and purse are ten times dirtier than your toilet according to Reader’s Digest. This is because you probably place them anywhere – public restrooms, restaurant tables, public transportation, and anywhere else. To avoid the transmission of nasty bacteria to your house, make sure to wipe or sanitize them from time to time.

• Remote Controls

Remote controls, touched by every family member, including the occasional slobber from pets, make for ideal hosts for germs and bacteria. It’s essential to clean your remotes at least once a week, or more frequently if someone in the household is unwell.

To clean your remote control:

  • Remove the batteries from the back of the remote.
  • Wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  • Carefully clean the button crevices with a toothpick to remove dirt build-up.
  • Dry the controller with a clean lint-free cloth and then reinstall the batteries.
  • Additionally, explore how to clean your handheld devices for a more hygienic environment.


• Pet toys

Much of this bacteria finds its way into their toy basket, as our furry friends often slobber all over their toys. This habit turns their playthings into breeding grounds for mold, yeast, and various other bacteria, according to Stapf.

Here’s how to effectively clean these toys:

  • To eliminate any potential bacteria buildup, soak rubber toys in a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After soaking, run the rubber toys through the dishwasher, and allow them to air dry.
  • When stuffed or soft toys begin to tear or develop unpleasant odors, it’s best to discard them to maintain a healthy and clean play environment.

There’s no need to panic. There are plenty of measures you can take to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in your home. Be sure to maintain a regular cleaning routine and thoroughly inspect every corner and crevice. However, if you have no time to do all this stuff, it’s better to hire cleaning services from LA to make sure your home is clean. While ignorance might seem blissful, it’s not worth the risk of falling ill. Prioritize your health and let’s remain committed to maintaining a clean and hygienic home.


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