5 Sustainable Living Tips that You May Not Know

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The main purpose of house cleaning is, of course, to keep our home environment clean and in order. However, our role does not end there. As home owners we also need to do conscious efforts so as to help our struggling environment – to sustain it for the generations to come.

Sustainable living definitely sounds overwhelming at first. But this is actually not totally difficult as it sounds. Making few changes in the family’s lifestyle and purchases can truly make great impact – plus it helps lower the expenses at home too!

Here are 5 Sustainable Living Tips that you can do on your household:

Here are some super easy sustainable living tips that you and your family can do to make your home earth-friendly and cost-effective.

  1. Use old fabrics instead of purchasing disposable towels.
  2. Recycling used materials for cleaning services offers a sustainable substitute for single-use paper towels in addition to assisting with waste reduction. You can lessen the need for new materials and help the environment by upcycling your family's old towels and clothing. Using these textiles to make cleaning rags not only saves money but also gives your cleaning routine a unique touch because each piece retains memories of its previous use. Adopting this eco-friendly strategy encourages your household to consume more mindfully and fosters a sense of responsibility towards the environment. This modest action can go a long way toward supporting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living.

  3. Wear clothes more than once.
  4. Calm down, wearing your clothes more than once is not as gruesome as it sounds. Clothes that are worn next to your body is best to wash after wearing however second layer or outer clothes like jackets can be used more than once before throwing them into the washer. Save water and soap. If it’s not totally dirty, reuse it – of course, those sweaty workout clothes are not included.

  5. Unplug appliances when not in use.
  6. We’ve been constantly reminded to unplug our appliances when they’re not in use – but do we actually do it? Turning off the lights during day time and allowing natural lights to get inside the house will truly help you save extra money for electricity. Not only that, adjusting thermostat, shutting down computers, and unplugging other appliances that are not in use will surely help decrease you monthly consumption. Two birds in one stone – help the environment, save money.

  1. Reusable Shopping Bags
  2. Accepting the practice of bringing your own bags, especially in forward-thinking storefronts like Maid Service Los Angeles, not only helps the environment but also saves you money. The small but meaningful action of utilizing reusable bags contributes to the greater worldwide endeavor to minimize the environmental impact of our daily activities and to reduce plastic waste. It encourages a collective shift towards more sustainable consumer habits by fostering environmental consciousness and a sense of responsibility, in addition to the economic benefits. Adopting eco-friendly habits like using reusable bags is a modest but significant step towards a greener and healthier future. As consumers, our decisions can have a significant impact on the environment.

  3. Buy natural (eco-friendly) toys for your children.
  4. Billions of toys are being produced each year – and most of them are made of plastic that never fully biograde. So why let the environment suffer when your child can experience the same fun with natural or eco-friendly toys like wooden toys? They are safer, healthier, and more durable than the plastic ones. You may as well teach you kids to tinker by allowing them to create toys of their own using some materials at home that you no longer use – bottle caps, blocks, cups, and whatever materials are available as long as they are not sharp and harmful for children.

Keep in mind that sustainability does not happen overnight. But every small step matters. Do what little you can and slowly create slight changes in the household. The next thing you knew, you’re already an eco-warrior.


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