Housekeeping and Elderly Assistant at Home

Housekeeping and elderly assistant

Getting house cleaning services in Indianapolis is one of the best ways to help seniors stay home for as long as they want. A clean home has various health benefits for all ages, particularly senior citizens. We all know that simple cleaning tasks can become more challenging for our bodies to tackle safely as we age. By bringing someone into the home to help, you can guarantee your beloved family member is living in a clean house that protects their health and physical bodies from the strenuous housekeeping workload.

Learning and Helping elderly with housekeeping

An initial step in the housekeeping process with the senior citizens may be to discuss which household chores they feel confident doing on their own. In this manner, we’ll be sensitive enough not to make them feel useless, especially for those with these workloads in their daily lives.

Why hire housekeeping assistant for elders, instead of cleaners?

A housekeeping assistant for the elderly offers personalized support in maintaining a clean, organized living space, ensuring comfort, safety, and peace of mind. From light housekeeping to companionship, they play a vital role in enhancing seniors’ quality of life as they age in place.

These are only some of the reasons as to hiring a housekeeping assistants are better than hiring a cleaners.

Elderly can still perform housekeeping with assistant.

A kid helping an old guy with housekeeping

It is also true, though, that many seniors can still perform common cleaning tasks. However, they should only take the ones they feel physically and mentally able to complete to avoid possible accidents. For example, it may be easier to sweep than vacuum, which requires more effort – many older adults find that moving around with a heavy vacuum too tiring, so understanding their limitations is key to deciding what they can and cannot do.

Housekeeping assistants make sure to have storage on each floor level.

Properly storing your housekeeping materials

For homes with multiple levels, it’s important to designate a safe and accessible area on each floor for cleaning supplies. This helps elderly individuals avoid the risk of accidents while navigating stairs. While it may not be feasible to duplicate all cleaning tools for each floor, heavy items like vacuums or mops should be transported by a house cleaner or maid to ensure safety and convenience.

Hold-off some housekeeping tasks for senior's safety

Holding off on certain tasks until help is available can keep seniors safe. Keep a list of additional tasks that may be difficult to accomplish alone when cleaning, such as moving heavy furniture and taking out heavy trash bags that might lead them to lose their balance or break their backs from much weight load.

Mopping the floor

The report has shown that an estimated 3 million seniors suffer injuries as a result of falls every year. That is why it is very important to send help to the elderly to assist them in enjoying a cleaner space and home. Therefore, we can minimize these risks by leaving and assigning most of the heavy and deep cleaning services and tasks that are difficult for them to complete to a professional house cleaner.

A kid helping for housekeeping

We at Maggy Maid understand that choosing a reputable company that provides deep cleaning services for an elderly family member to guarantee that their home stays clean and that you can trust the people who enter their home is very important. Don’t worry; our professionally-trained uniformed house cleaners are insured to protect our clients and their homes. We provide excellent and customized Indianapolis housekeeping services to ensure that we’ll cover all the cleaning tasks you need for your family member’s homes in the best way for everyone.


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