How Do Professional House Cleaners Clean their Homes Everyday

Somehow, it gets tiring to do a lot of trials and errors when cleaning the house. With our busy schedules, sure it’s way better to just immediately hire a professional house cleaner to do the household chores. But what if there are actually simple ways on how they do what they do?

Let’s find out how professional house cleaners do their homes every day. With the number of tasks that they have to accomplish on the households that they are called for, how do they find time to keep their own houses clean?

Secret Cleaning Tips from Professional House Cleaners

Here we reveal the secrets of professional house cleaners on how they keep their homes in shape despite their busy schedules.

  1. Start your day by making your bed.
  2. Productivity begins the moment you wake up; hence, it is best to spend few minutes making your bed early in the morning. This way, you feel more accomplished and you’re already energized to keep up the mood for the whole day. Arranging your things, putting away your pajamas in the laundry basket, and decluttering unnecessary things from the bedroom will already save you as much time the moment you decide to properly clean your room.

  3. Encourage your kids to keep their toys.
  4. The secret to effective home management is to delegate the tasks. Why suffer from a messy playroom when you can already encourage your kids to organize and keep their toys after they’re done playing? Label the boxes or containers where they ought to place their toys. If they can’t read yet, put pictures under the words. Praise their efforts or give simple tokens for a job well done. Establishing good habits will not only keep the house clean, it will also train your kids to become responsible individuals.

  5. Turn off your phone.
  6. With the growing numbers of entertaining activities that can be done with your phone, sure you’d get to waste as much time on screen rather than getting productive and accomplishing tasks at home. Have you seen professional cleaners doing the chores while holding on to their phones? No. Because phones totally bring distraction – even to professionals. So if you plan to clean the house, shut your phone or set it to vibrate for emergency and important things only.

  7. Pick up your clutter.
  8. No matter how pressed you are with time, if you see things on the floor, pick them up. Keep the clutter under control and establish a habit of getting things organized. Always. Place the throw pillow where it should be, pick up light piles of mail and magazine, wipe the table, and so forth. While these are simple tasks, if they all come together because you didn’t work with them immediately, you’ll surely feel bogged with doing the rest of the household chores already.

  9. Keep your cleaning tools where you are most likely to use them.
  10. Have you noticed how professional cleaners seem to know where to get their cleaning materials? As if they’ve memorized where to get what and how to use what? Well, the technique is to always place the cleaning tools where you are most likely to use them. This way, you get to save time from looking for the rag, vacuum, spray, and all.

You don’t need to be as skilled as a professional house cleaner. All you have to do is to learn what to prioritize and how to maintain the cleanliness of the house. The rest will follow. Do these simple tasks every day and rest assured that you won’t have a hard time cleaning the rest of the house over the weekend or on your scheduled time for general cleaning.