How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Use vacuum for cleaning

Finding the Right Vacuum Cleaner is Like Trying to Choose a Trusty Cleaning Partner

With so many options out there, each with its own unique features, it can feel a bit like solving a puzzle which includes suction power, filters, and attachments.

Whether you’re someone who loves keeping things tidy, a pet owner dealing with fur, or just someone who wants a clean home, finding the perfect vacuum is about both convenience and cleanliness.

In this guide created by our cleaning experts from Los Angeles, we’ll make it easier for you to pick the best option.

Make Your House Cleaning Tasks Simpler and More Effective

We’ll explore different types of vacuums, explain how suction and filters work, and show you how attachments can make a difference.

So, let’s take this journey together and find the vacuum that fits your needs perfectly, making your home cleaner and more peaceful place.

When looking for the best vacuum, don’t forget to;

  • Test the carrying weight
  • Check the plug cord to determine the reach
  • It could be a good idea to see what house cleaning supplies the model comes with
  • Don’t forget to switch it on to hear how loud it is

It’s crucial to be certain before you buy because all of these factors could influence how well it meets your needs.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners Best for Your Home?

Hand Vacuums

Pros: Hand vacuums are lightweight and do not need large storage spaces. They can reach corners and tight areas that larger vacuums can’t. 2024 models have more battery life and suction power.

Cons: Many hand-vacuum models have notoriously short battery lives so you better check unbiased user reviews. Also take note that it has small canisters.

Hand Vacumms are best for: Quick cleanings of small spaces around your house, such as beneath couch cushions or small center tables. It is also advisable to be used in the car, where you don’t have a power source. Hard-to-reach areas, such as corners, counters and staircases, also benefit from hand vacuums. You can use a brush attachment to clean your hard to reach car interior or dust off your baseboards.

Best Handheld Vacuums For Your Home - Maggy Maid

Stick Vacuums

Pros: Think of a stick vacuum as a happy medium between a hand vacuum and a full-size upright vacuum. They generally have more capacity and suction power than hand vacuums, but they’re also cordless and lightweight, which makes them easy to maneuver and storing is also not a problem.

Cons: They may have shorter battery lives, depending on the brand and model, and because they’re lightweight, you’ll have to empty the canister more frequently. They also don’t have as much suction power as upright models provide.

Stick Vacuums are best for: Everyday cleaning of hard floors and rugs. Many stick vacuums come with different attachments, so they can vacuum high-pile carpeting, too. If you’re concerned about storage space, a stick vacuum is a great option; just store yours in a small closet or attach it to a hook on the wall.

The Best Stick Vacuums for Your Home - Maggy Maid

Upright Vacuums

Pros: They’re among the most powerful vacuums when it comes to suction, and because they’re larger, you’ll have more time between emptying the bag or canister. Many new models come with attachments for different jobs; Separate brushes are provided to clean baseboards and another one for carpets. Some vacuums come with crevice attachments for corners.

Cons: Upright models are most of the time corded, so you’ll be confined to one space with limited reach. They’re heavier, more difficult to maneuver and may not effectively clean tight spaces without attachments.

Upright Vacuums are best for: Your weekly or biweekly deep home cleaning. Just as you would change your iron’s heat level by fabric, it’s important to choose the right setting to prevent damaging floors. Many new vacuums models have hardwood, leather or upholstery features and accessories. You can also adjust the floor brush to more effectively clean high- or low-pile carpeting.

The Best Upright Vacuums for Your Home - Maggy Maid

Robotic Vacuums

Pros: They essentially do the work for you, extending the time between deep cleans. Just turn it on and let it do the cleaning.

Cons: They may not be as thorough as vacuuming yourself, and you may encounter snags with rugs or furniture. Limited reach as well.

Robotic Vacuums are best for: Daily floor maintenance. They’re best for the person who leaves in the morning and wants to come home to a clean space.

The Best Robot Vacuums For Your Home - Maggy Maid

Carpet Shampooers

Pros: Carpet shampooers combines suction and power with washing to keep carpets and rugs fresh.

Cons: It can be very bulky and heavy, they’re not as versatile as well compared to other types of vacuums. Another problem is where to keep them for people with limited storage. However, many home-improvement stores offer rentals so you can still use it when needed.

Carpet Shampooers are best for: As needed for spot or deep-cleaning large rugs and home carpets.

What type of vacuum is right for my home?

You got stairs? carpeted or hardwood floors? You love pets? These are just some of the factors you should consider when buying a vacuum.

Mostly Bare Floors

If you have beautiful hardwood floors or other noncarpeted surfaces (such as tile, laminate, or vinyl), look at stick and hand canister vacuums, they do well on that type of flooring. And if you live in a tiny place, it may be all you need.

Lots of Carpet

If you have wall-to-wall carpets or even some thick area rugs in your home, an upright vacuum is the perfect choice. Because the vacuum’s entire weight is over the powerhead, it can dig deeper into carpet fibers.


Having to carry a heavy vacuum up and down stairs is a pain and tiresome. If you have only one vacuum, a stick or hand canistered vacuum is the best choice. Because its two-part design lets you distribute the weight more evenly. But opt for a smaller second vacuum if you have the storage space and budget.

Pet Lover?

Each vacuum we test over the years goes through a special pet-hair pickup test. New models that do well on carpet do well at removing pet hair, but so do the top-rated canisters and sticks. So it will be not as hard of a choice.

When is the best time to buy a Vacuum?

Just about anytime you want. Different vacuum cleaners are featured in almost every holiday sale, including Presidents Day and Black Friday. If you miss one sale, another is likely to be coming right behind. So unless you’re in dire need of a replacement, you can avoid paying full price. You can even find high-end brands like Dyson and Miele at reduced prices on many sale days.

But as usual, time is always of the essence when it comes to home cleaning. That is why we at Maggy Maid Referrals and House Cleaning is always here to serve you at your most convenient time. Ask us for an obligation free quote or book online. We are always happy to serve you!



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