How To Clean A Toilet Quickly

toilet house cleaning in West Lake

Since your toilet is probably one of the most often used appliances in your house, it’s likely that you clean it frequently as well during house cleaning in West Lake. While there are numerous ways to clean a toilet, we’ll show you how to quickly and effectively speed-clean your porcelain throne to make it easier to maintain it spotless.

Put toilet cleaner on

Make sure the bottle’s tip is under the rim of the toilet bowl so that the cleanser is applied liberally all around the bowl. Let the bowl sit for up to 10 minutes to allow the cleaner to soak into it, then after it has been applied, make sure enough cleaner flows down the sides of the bowl.

Keep the Outside Clean

Apply a spray cleaner to the exterior of your toilet and wipe it down with a paper towel or rag while you wait for the cleaner to work on the toilet bowl.

Spray your cleaner on the toilet, paying special attention to the seat and flushing handle since these are the parts that get handled the most. Allow the cleanser to sit for the period of time specified on the bottle if it contains a disinfectant.

You can use a toothbrush to help clean difficult-to-reach locations like the seat hinge simpler. When you’re finished, use a paper towel to remove the cleaner.

Clean the Toilet Bowl

Apply strong pressure with a toilet brush to any sections of the bowl that may have stubborn stains. Concentrate your scrubbing in the drain and along the toilet bowl’s borders. Close the toilet seat and flush after you’re done deep cleaning. By keeping the seat closed, you may stop any debris from flying into the air as you flush the toilet.

Brush the toilet bowl clean

Apply disinfectant spray to your toilet brush and let it sit for a few minutes to keep it clean. To guarantee that your brush stays clean, rinse it with hot water in your shower or tub and spritz the toilet brush basin.

Uphold cleanliness

For a spotless toilet, you may hire a cleaning lady to clean it at least once a week if you cannot do it yourself. The frequency of cleaning depends on how frequently your toilet is used, so if you have a large family, frequently have visitors over, or work from home, you may need to boost it to twice or three times each week.

If more than one person uses the toilet at a time, use a cleaning and disinfecting spray once daily to clean the exterior, handle, and seat. It will continue to feel and appear clean thanks to this routine cleaning.

DIY Cleaning vs. Professional Cleaning

Although cleaning is a straightforward task, if you’re having difficulties keeping up with cleaning your bathroom, you can hire a professional cleaning lady.

The materials for a do-it-yourself toilet deep cleaning run roughly $10. The average cost to clean a house is $180 for four hours of work if you’d rather hire a professional to do it. Of course, a professional house cleaner may finish much more than just your bathroom in that time. By locating a local service for house cleaning in West Lake, you can obtain a more precise quotation.


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