How To Clean Broken Glass in Quick and Simple Steps?

how to clean broken glass

How to clean broken glass as part of house cleaning doesn’t have to be painful and messy. Find these steps for fast and effective cleaning of shattered glass below.

Glass has long been a favorite material for vases, drinking glasses, mirrors, and, of course, windows. Glass is beautiful, useful, and durable, yet its fractured mess is not something we enjoy. It’s not the same as learning how to clean up most household spills to learn how to clean up broken glass. Broken glass happens, whether you stumbled or your child smashed a dish. Being prompt and thorough while cleaning up broken glass in Village 11 is essential. You must approach the task with creativity and safety considerations; you cannot just wipe, sweep, or vacuum up broken glass.

To easily remove shards and shattered glass, simply follow these easy instructions.

How to clean broken glass without hurting yourself?

When you load a plate into the dishwasher, it slips. It can happen to anyone. Crash! Your favorite dish is now in a million pieces all over the floor. Prevent your entire family from accessing Ground Zero in the first place. Then follow these simple steps to remove even the smallest glass fragments.

1. Protecting yourself

Learn cleaning wod table surfce

Before you begin picking up the glass, you must first equip yourself with the necessary tools. So, grab a pair of shoes and your thick rubber gloves. This is critical to prevent treading on those little glass particles when cleaning up this glass disaster.

2. Gather the Large Pieces

Whether you’ve spilled a champagne flute or your favorite collecting plate, grab a broom. A house cleaning Los Angeles  knows that it is easier to gather any larger pieces of debris, including carpet, with the broom because you can pick them up more easily. You should wash this broom before reusing it. When everything has been piled up:

  1. Get a paper bag and a garbage can.
  2. Pick up large fragments and place them in a paper bag. (This may help to keep the glass from piercing the plastic bag.)
  3. Return to the location and look for huge fragments, moving as far as 15 feet away.

3. Vacuum Clean the Glass

How to clean broken glass via vacuum cleaning

Can glass be vacuumed up? You certainly can. However, the hose should not be utilized with any attachments. Glass can become entangled in the bristles of an attachment. Additionally, avoid attempting to vacuum up large fragments.

Run the hose down the carpet or floor to pick up any little particles you may have missed. Continue vacuuming the area until no more glass fragments can be seen.

4 Remove the Shards from the Floor

The fact that you can’t see those little shards of glass doesn’t change the fact that they’re there. Your feet will most likely find them in the days ahead. To save yourself or your children the anguish of digging the glass out later, use one of these strategies to collect any remaining shards of glass.

A moistened paper towel should be used to wipe the area where the glass fractured. After applying adequate pressure to the paper towel, place the glass in the paper bag.

Bread: Apply the same technique as when using a paper towel with a piece of bread since the pores of the bread are efficient at capturing small fragments of glass.

Lint roller: While a lint roller is useful, a piece of loose tape can be used to tap the area where the glass was broken to gather any lingering particles.

Potato Slicing: Cut a potato in half. Pat the flat end of the stick along the ground to collect any glass.

Make sure to put these items, together with the broken glass, in the paper bag.

5. Mop the Floor

Clean the broken glass by mopping it

Once you believe you have found all of the glass, give the floor one last vacuum or damp mop. This ensures that all glass has been removed completely.

6. Remove Glass From Your Material

Learning on how to remove broken glass on the materials

Consider washing anything that has come into contact with the glass before using it for housekeeping again. Before disposing of your paper bag, clean the materials such as the broom, vacuum cleaner, and shoe soles with damp paper towels.

How to Clean Up Broken Glass Tips

Learning the tips on how to clean broken glass

It can be challenging to clean up glass debris. It can not only go a great distance, but it may also be difficult to collect every fragment. Keep these suggestions in mind when cleaning up broken glass.

  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner or the beater bar to clear up large glass pieces. This might only worsen the situation.
  • When glass breaks, the fragments can fly a long way. Make sure to search every crevice, particularly under couches.
  • When cleaning shattered glass, you should remove the garbage bag immediately after it has been filled with glass shards and pieces of paper.
  • When a window breaks, it’s crucial to contain the area and get rid of the pieces right away. Even installing a temporary patch until a window repairman can fix it might be necessary.

Make Cleaning Up Broken Glass Simple

Learn how to make the clean up simple

Broken glass can be harmful. But who hasn’t spilled a plate or bowl in their life? It’s crucial to pick up any broken glass right away and take safety measures to make sure you or your family don’t get wounded.
Knowing how to properly clean up broken glass can make you ready the next time someone spills a glass or breaks a mirror. Prepare for all the messes your family creates with our additional housekeeping how-tos. Now that you’re knowledgeable, it’s time to start cleaning up broken glass in Village 11.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, glass can shatter into tiny fragments and sharp pieces, making cleanup quite hazardous. Additionally, if you don’t know how to pick up the shattered glass without spilling any, your family and pets could get hurt by the glass that is still in the air.

Put it in a bin bag, tape it shut, and throw it in the trash after that. Remember to look for any stray shards in both the region where the glass was broken and the area where you broke it into smaller pieces.

Never recycle glass fragments.

Do not recycle any glass that has been damaged, including glass bottles and jars. Sanitation workers and waste haulers may be hurt by broken glass.


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