Dirty Little Secrets: How to Clean Walls Without Damaging the Paint

Dirty Little Secrets: How to Clean Walls Without Damaging the Paint

If you think house cleaning is limited only to sweeping the floors, vacuuming the carpets, and dusting the cabinets, think again. There is a part of the house that requires a lot of examining because it is easily spotted but usually take for granted when house cleaning; yes, the walls. Cleaning the walls is part of house cleaning. And while you think that your toughest cleaning spray can easily do the job, think once again.

While your cleaning spray can help you easily remove the crayon streaks or kitchen grease on the walls, this can actually cause more harm to your walls. Here let us discuss how you can clean the walls without damaging the paint.

1. Determine the kind of paint is one the wall

Before you start cleaning, make sure that you know what kind paint was used in painting the interiors of the house. While enamel can stand to washing, flat and eggshell are not as durable and may easily get removed once scrubbed hard. Nonetheless, no matter what kind of painting is used, make sure to dust off the walls before washing them. Place rag on the floor that would catch excess water once you start cleaning. Use mild liquid cleaner and water to wash smudges on the walls. If this don’t work, try the mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water.

Once done, make sure to wipe the wall with sponge and dry it thoroughly with towel to avoid streaking and water damage on the wall painting.

2. Do a spot test.

To avoid great damage on walls, test a small portion of the wall with the cleaning solution that you have chosen. There’s nothing more bothersome than making the condition of your walls worse that before you began so it’s better to test it before using it for the whole wall cleaning process.

3. Careful with the use colored towels or sponge.

Be very vigilant with the use of towels and sponge when cleaning the walls as they may leave colored smudges on your walls upon exposure to cleaning solutions. Use neutral colors as much as possible.

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4. Know what’s best to use in removing crayon, permanent marker, and ink stains.

What works for the other may not work for some. To save time and money, here are some tricks you can do to remove the following:

  • Crayons – use toothpaste or erase marks with art gum;
  • Permanent Marker – use cotton balls soaked in alcohol, then dab slowly in the stains; and
  • Ink – use foaming shaving cream or nail polish remover.
Knowing how to clean painted walls is essential most especially if you have kids in the house. To maintain the clean environment of the household regularly dust walls or opt to hire reliable service providers for painting like Spatespainting as they will not only make the interiors of your house comfortable and pleasing to the eyes but would also last for years. This then would save you a lot of money for maintenance.

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