Guidelines on How To Clean Windows Properly

Guidelines on How To Clean Windows Properly

You might be surprised at how long it has been since your windows were cleaned. Even a tiny amount of dust can make your windows look dull and unattractive. Many people put off cleaning windows because they think it is too difficult. You can clean your windows in no time with the right tools and products for your home. In this article, we have gathered our guidelines on how to clean windows properly to help you with your cleaning session. These are the recommended guidelines of our professional cleaners from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.

Preparing Your Tools

To clean your windows at home effectively, you must be able to use the tools you have. You will simply need a window cleaner, a sponge, and some rags if you have a type of window that is with tilt-in sashes. You’ll need something to wipe your windows with to dry them. Paper towels, newspaper or microfiber cloths, or even pieces of an old cotton percale sheet, might be used for this. 

Additionally, if your windows are too high to tilt, a jet pressure washes wand or cleaning sprayer can be used to clean the outside. If your windows have some hard stains such as paint, adhesive residue, or other stains, you’ll need some mild abrasive material. These are soft scrubs, along with razor blades, or a small buffing tool.

Taking down the blinds and curtains

After assembling the necessary tools, we may begin by removing the blinds and drapes to make washing the windows easier. Using fabric softener, you may also give your drapes a thorough wash. Use a vacuum dusting attachment or dry brush to clean the corners of your blinds and curtains of dust and cobwebs.

Check the Window Frames

Before performing a comprehensive clean, wipe out the window frame, including the window sill, to get rid of any lingering dust and debris. Use a wet washcloth instead. You can prevent dirty water from splashing all over your clean window glass by cleaning the frames.

Make a DIY Cleaning Solution

You can choose to use a streak-free that is store-bought glass cleaner or window cleaner for inside windows. However, a homemade remedy that combines distilled vinegar and water in equal amounts works just as well. Simply fill an empty spray bottle with a mixture of one part hot water and one part vinegar. Due to its high acidity, and vinegar doesn’t leave any smudges, it can be used to remove dirt off glass windows without the need for any chemicals or unpleasant smells that come with commercial cleaners. To boost cleaning power, mix with a little dish soap.

Using Vinegar

Most likely, your grandparents cleaned their windows with vinegar. Even today, people still use it to get rid of tough dirt. Additionally, it’s anti-bacterial and non-toxic. Add two tablespoons of vinegar to a small bottle of warm water to create your own homemade vinegar-based window cleaner. Before cleaning the windows with your sponge, let the vinegar solution sit on the panes for a few minutes.

Using a Lemon 

This is a basic alternative to window cleaners that clean as well as have a moderate abrasive effect. Simply split a lemon in half, removing any pips, then wipe the lemon half all over your window before wiping it off with a lint-free towel. 

Using a Rubbing Alcohol

If you don’t want or have any vinegar or lemon on hand, rubbing alcohol is a great window cleaner and household cleaner since it can get rid of even the toughest stains. Alcohol has been our best friend especially ever since the pandemic started, rubbing alcohol has been part of our lives. Mixing it with distilled water as opposed to normal tap water is the secret. Unlike tap water, distilled water contains no minerals, which might cause streaks on your windows once the alcohol has evaporated. Your tap water contains a variety of contaminants, however, distilled water is free from minerals and chemicals and won’t create streaky residues or wet spots on your windows. Use distilled water only to dilute your glass cleaner.

To use rubbing alcohol for cleaning, start with getting a bucket, and combine 70% rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water. With a sponge, liberally apply this solution, washing the windows and their frames as well. Dry the window glass with a squeegee after rinsing it with clear water. To remove stains and streaks, go back over the window a second time with newspaper and rubbing alcohol.

Using a Squeegee

On glass surfaces, this one tool can make a significant difference. Sometimes, the initial wipe doesn’t completely remove the household cleaner. This implies that if you need to re-wipe any areas, stains can still be present. Each area of the window can be polished with ease with a squeegee. If you want to deal with big windows, especially here in Los Angeles where windows are usually big, a long-handled squeegee will be useful. It will also clean shower doors and walls twice as well.

Other tips and tricks

Newspaper is an excellent technique to polish your glass surfaces, as we discussed when using alcohol. Many people dislike the feeling of having to touch newsprint, despite the fact that it is efficient and works well. Additionally, it won’t be resilient to water damage. If cloth and towels are not comfortable for you, the newspaper might be an excellent substitute. If you like how the glass looks but not how your hands appear, you can also wear gloves.

Moreover, another suggestion for effectively cleaning windows without streaks is to begin at the top corner and move down the glass in a long “S” motion. Make sure to massage the window’s surface in all directions. You can also move in circular motions, moving downward from the top. By using a particular technique, you can reduce the chance of streaks or missed spots. In addition for prevention of streaking, avoid cleaning glass in the sun.

How frequently should you clean windows?

We advise maintaining the interior and outside of your windows twice a year. On the other hand, because of the weather and other environmental factors, outside windows can need additional touch-ups or treatments. Clean windows are a result of pollen, rain, moisture plants, and birds. Along with stirring up debris, passing cars might also leave behind dust. Additionally, if you’re in areas of Los Angeles where you live close to the ocean, there might be more chances of getting dust as well. 


In conclusion, cleaning windows are one of the responsibilities we must not forget. Having a dirty window, there is a huge possibility that may give you a risk to your health and allergies. Windows should be properly maintained especially if you have kids in your home or you live with someone who has a low immune system. Nowadays, it is a must to prioritize cleanliness and health and we can do it in the simplest ways given in this article. If you’re lacking time like just like other people, you can schedule your cleaning session for your windows with us. We can provide you a top, professional domestic cleaners in Los Angeles who specializes in deep cleaning windows. Call us today here at Maggy Maid to talk to one of our customer services to make your windows cleaned and make your air surroundings better than ever.


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