How to Deodorize Homes if it Stinks

How to Deodorize Homes if Your Home Stinks

The best-kept secret to a relaxing stay at home relies heavily on how the house smells. Notice how short-tempered you become when you smell something bad at home? That is because smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. It helps us determine how the food tastes and how dirty a certain place is.

When the house stinks, most people’s reaction is to spray fragrance on top of that odor; however, a good housekeeper knows that a clean house should never smell as such. Therefore, you should find out what causes the house to stink. Here are some techniques on how you can maintain the fragrant, fresh smell of your house:

1. Clean your trash bins.

Of course, the reason why your house still stinks is because you didn’t clean your trash bins! Yes, you have finished cleaning the whole house but you forgot to empty the garbage disposal and even clean the container. No wonder even if you no longer see the dirt, the smell remains.

2. Open the fridge and toss everything past its prime.

Regularly check your refrigerator and identify the items that need to be replaced. Always make sure that you are only keeping the fresh ones. Throw those leftovers that are occupying too much space – you will surely won’t eat them anymore.

You may maximize the use of baking soda to neutralize the odor from your fridge but you can as well try a new trick: dampen a cotton ball with vanilla extract then leave it inside the refrigerator so as to add a sweet fragrance every time you open it. Aside from vanilla, you may also try the use of lemon juice for variation.

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3. Drain fridge drips.

The funky smell inside the refrigerator is often caused by the drip from bottles, containers, and other wet products you placed inside the ref. These residue can stay for a long time and cause a foul odor. Keep them contained by placing a plastic lid under each container that would serve as coaster which will catch the drips. Once they get dirty, you can easily toss them into the dishwasher without you scrubbing the whole refrigerator.

4. Remove the smell of cigarette.

Tired of smelling those cigarettes? Remove them by simply using vinegar. Pour an amount of vinegar into a shallow bowl and expose it around the area where it smells cigarette. The vinegar will help neutralize the odor; and less than a day, the smoke will be replaced with a fresh scent!

5. Air it out.

The house needs to breathe from time to time. Open your windows and doors in order to replace old air with new ones. In case there’s no wind blowing, simply turn on the ceiling fan or box fan to draw in fresh air. Just few minutes of exposing the house can really help make the house smell great.

Keeping the house clean and maintaining its fragrant smell requires a great amount of work and dedication. But if you regularly check the household setup, this wouldn’t need to cost a lot of time, money and energy. So, breathe in some good energy and let’s keep the house smelling fresh!

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