How to Do Deep Cleaning in a Dorm Room

How to Do Deep Cleaning in a Dorm Room

I like to think of the dorm room as an older version of the homeroom that we all have grown to love and know well. However, even if there is nothing there, it sometimes starts to smell immediately depending on how you manage it. Since you would be living on your own, staying in a dorm room might look like evidence of maturity. You are on your own without a parent to monitor the cleaning or vent frustrations about the circumstances.  So, where do you start? In the same way, as when you clean your house, a dorm room can be cleaned in an hour or less if you prepare it properly, use some simple cleaning supplies, and follow some instructions, just like when you do house cleaning.

When Should a Dorm Room Get a Deep Clean?

Every semester, a dorm room should be thoroughly cleaned three times:

  • Before you enter with your belongings
  • After someone is sick
  • After moving out for the year or just before you return home for the break

This does not imply that you should only clean three times a year. To keep the space tidy, sanitary, and pest-free, there are daily and weekly duties that need to be completed.

Before You Start

Talk about how to divide the cleaning tasks if you share a bathroom or a room with a roommate. You can divide the duties, take turns each week, or simply begin to accept a certain level of mess.

Plan to carry or buy your cleaners since very few schools give them. Although “college cleaning kits” are available, you’ll save money by only buying what you need for your room’s surfaces.

Easy Steps in Deep Cleaning a Dorm Room Before Moving In

Deep Cleaning a Dorm Room

Clean Up Surfaces

Clean regularly handled objects, such as light switches, door handles, desktops, and drawer pulls with a disinfectant wipe. Don’t forget to clean the counters and toilet seats if you have a private bathroom buy.

Revitalize surfaces

In deep cleaning of the furniture, window sills, and light fixtures, use a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleanser. Clean the walls and doors as well if you notice any dust or fingerprints.

Clean the Floors

To remove any dust and grime that may have fallen onto the flooring, use the correct cleaners such as a wet or dry mop or vacuum. Baseboards are important to remember too!

Do Deep Cleaning in a Dorm Room

 1. Gather Dirty Laundry.

Sort any filthy clothing on the floor, on the bed, in the bathroom, or in the hamper to begin the cleaning chores. Make sure you bring your sheets and towels. Start one or more wash loads in the laundry room. Since you will be living on your own, living in a dorm room might look like evidence of maturity. You are on your own without a parent to monitor the cleaning or gripe about the circumstances. While the washer and dryer are working, you clean your room.

2. Make The Bed.

Making the bed immediately helps a space appear more organized, and you could even find that misplaced book you’ve been hunting for.

3. Take-Two Garbage Bags.

First, pick up any dirty clothes that are lying around on the floor, in the bed, in the bathroom, or in the trash. Don’t forget to bring your clothes and sheets. In the washroom, start at least one load of clothes. You may think that living alone in a college room is a sign of growth. You’re on your own because you don’t have a parent to complain to or watch over the cleanup.  Take the bags right away to the place where dorm trash is disposed of.

4. Gather and Wash the Dishes.

Wash the Dishes

Gather any dishes, utensils, or cooking supplies you may have in the space. To clean a dishpan, you should use dish soap and hot water the right way. After putting the items in the pan, let them soak for a short time. Then, rinse, wash, and dry them.

Clean the interior of the coffee maker, microwave, and mini-fridge.

5. Reduce the Clutter.

Spend a few minutes returning everything to its proper place. Move any books and papers that are lying on the desk. Clothes that don’t need to be washed again should be stored.

6. Dust Surfaces.

Dust should be removed from window sills, light fixtures, and furniture by using a moist microfiber cloth to wipe with the cloth.

7. Disinfect and Clean Surfaces.

If you want to clean up any dirty or fingerprinted surfaces after getting rid of the dust, you can use an all-purpose cleaner or a cleaning brush.

If you have your own bathroom, use the right cleaner to clean and cleanse the sink, mirror, toilet, and shower.

8. Make the Floor Shiny.

If dust or dirt fell during housekeeping, vacuum or clean the floor.

If you don’t enjoy housekeeping, perhaps next year when you move into your dorm room, you won’t have to worry about a thing and can just let us handle the dirty work with our maid services. Find out more about our cleaning solutions and reasonable alternatives for maintaining a spotless dorm room like we did during house cleaning.


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