8 Tips on How to Keep Your Bathtub Clean

Cleaning the bathtub properly.

To keep your bathtub clean, scrubbing the bathtub is probably one of many household chores that are at the bottom of your list of activities you want to spend your weekend. The good news is that expanding the time your tub stays clean (and doing it with less work) is as simple as increasing regular upkeep. Follow these professional recommendations to maintain the radiance of your bathtub.

1. Deep Cleaning to Keep your Bathtub Clean

Deep cleaning to keep your bathtub clean

Although it may seem obvious, starting with a clean tub is the best way to maintain its cleanliness. Any house cleaning services uses a powerful cleanser together with some good – old traditional elbow grease to achieve the deepest clean possible. A Magic Eraser with a little degreaser works great to clean an extremely soiled bathtub.  It recommends using lots of hot water while cleaning because body oil is frequently the main contributor to dirt.

2. Take out Everything From the Bathtub

Take off everything to keep your bathtub clean

Remove any toiletries, toys, bottles, and loofahs before cleaning; you don’t want any home or house cleaning solutions to get on them. Anything that is empty, broken, or not going to be used anymore is an excellent candidate for the trash. You should wipe off all the objects you have taken out since they can also accumulate sticky soap scum. To make bath toys spotless, you may also throw them in the dishwasher. Put them aside to later re-add to the bathtub if you don’t need to do that especially here in Los Angeles most of the people here have a bathtub, so want to make sure it’s clean.

3. Scrub and Spray

Scrubbing everything to keep your bathtub clean

Spray the solution all over your bathtub, including the bottom and sides, and then wipe the grime away with a moist cloth or nonabrasive sponge. Allow the mixture to soak for 15 to 30 minutes before washing any stubborn bathtub stains. For further home cleaning power, you may soak a cloth in the vinegar-soap combination and place it on top of the spot. While you clean your bathtub, fill it with an inch of warm water to save some time. The cleaner will trickle into the tub basin as you spray and scrape the tub’s walls, eventually settling at the bottom. After finishing the bottom, empty the tub.

4. Always Rinse


When you’re through taking a shower or bathing the kids, rinse the entire tub. All the time. After you’ve finished washing any remaining soap or shampoo from your body, turn on the water and continue your shower. also, turn on the shower for 1 minute after everyone has exited the tub. Check the water for bubbles, hair, or soap suds, and make sure it is flowing clearly. Everything that has been mentioned should be on every maid services list.

5. Wash the Walls and Tiles Near the Tub


Use a grout brush and tile cleanser to clean mildewed and unclean grout. Follow the directions on the tile cleaner as you work your way down, and then thoroughly rinse any tile cleaning residue away. Use an all-purpose cleaner or a cleaning specifically for your tub surround to wipe down the walls. Thoroughly clean the walls, paying close attention to any sticky or visibly unclean spots. If your cleaner contains bleach or has any other overpowering odors, open a window or turn on a fan to ventilate the spa

6. Use Cleanser


Long-term cleaning will be reduced by a weekly spritzing of a mild cleaner in the bathtub. Market-available bathtub cleansers are simple and practical to use. It is recommended to allow them to soak up stains and grime on shower and tub surfaces once you’ve bought one. You may use these gentle cleansers regularly because they have secure formulas and components.

Finding a brand that delivers satisfying outcomes is crucial. However, you may create an organic substitute if you want to save money on cleansers. House keeping in Los Angeles use alternatives for cleaning such as water and white vinegar can be combined to create natural cleaners. To clean your bathtubs and shower, pour this liquid mixture into a spray bottle. Before washing it off, let the vinegar linger for a few minutes to achieve a deeper clean. These successfully address concerns including soap buildup, mildew, scales, and others. You don’t need to spend any money because you already have these items in your kitchen.

7. Clean the Drain

clean bathtub drain to keep your bathtub clean

Pour a half-cup each of baking soda and white distilled vinegar into the bathtub drain if you suspect there is a problem there or if it has been some time since the drain was cleaned. To clear the clog, let it sit for a few minutes, and then flushed it with hot water.

8. Use White Vinegar

Learning how to use vinegar for deep cleaning the bathroom tiles.

You could purchase a daily shower spray from a well-known brand, but a cheap spray bottle from a discount retailer and a cheap bottle of white vinegar makes for a less harmful daily cleaner. Purchase the store brand and reserve the indulgence for a great activity. Spray the entire area, including the door or shower curtain, with white vinegar, and a natural cleaner, once or twice a week after taking a shower.

Without routine cleaning, dirt and grime can accumulate in bathtubs. Not only can soap scum build up around your tub be unattractive, but it may also cause plumbing issues. Your normal routine should include cleaning your bathtub, and our Pros are here to guarantee you do it correctly. If you want to know more about cleaning services just contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equally portions of white vinegar and warm water should be put in a spray bottle. Spray the surface of the tub generously with the solution. Before washing it with a non-abrasive sponge or cleaning cloth and rinsing it with clean water, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Spray the entire bathtub with a solution of one part water and two parts vinegar. For 20 to 30 minutes, let this soaking solution soak in the tub. For difficult stains, dab the stain with a towel dipped in hydrogen peroxide or a combination of vinegar and baking soda, and leave the cloth on the stain for up to an hour.

Each time. As you finish your shower and rinse any remaining soap or shampoo from your body, turn on the faucet. As soon as everyone has exited the tub, turn on the shower for 30 seconds. Make sure the water is flowing clear—no soap suds, bubbles, or hair—by taking a quick glance.

We still advise using a moderate professional cleaning formulated for this tub material since enameled cast iron and acrylic tubs are particularly vulnerable to damage and discoloration from the bleach.


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