Keeping Yourself Motivated to Do House Cleaning This 2020

house cleaning motivation

With all the anxiety felt caused by lockdowns, work issues, and health concerns, keeping oneself motivated to do house cleaning are totally tough. Even just the thought of it makes one feel more uneasy. But we all know how equally important it is to clean and organize the household. It’s tiring. So here’s a quick list of the things that you can do to – you know – trick your brain and body into getting the mood for house cleaning. First and foremost, turn on your preferred energetic music to create a positive atmosphere that will increase your motivation and energy. To make the entire process feel less overwhelming, divide the cleaning tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. Cleaning can be made more enjoyable by involving family members or roommates in the process, as this will encourage social interaction and teamwork. To add a positive incentive to the cleaning process, set up a reward system for yourself. For example, after finishing each cleaning task, treat yourself to your favorite snack or indulge in a leisure activity. Last but not least, to keep things moving along steadily and avoid burnout, set a timer for quick spurts of concentrated cleaning interspersed with quick breaks.



How to keep yourself motivated to do household chores

  1. Do the household chores challenge.
  2. Sure, there are hundreds of social media challenges that goes viral these days. Why not join the bandwagon and make your own ‘house cleaning challenge’ too? Do a 20-minute task every day like folding the clothes, dusting the shelves, decluttering, and so on. Post online your accomplishment and tag along some friends so as to encourage them to do the same!

    Don’t clean like it’s the ‘60s. No one has a whole day anymore solely dedicated for house cleaning – unless it’s the weekend or a special day allotted for general house cleaning. Plot the whole week’s 20-minute challenge and you’ll be amazed on how much you can do in such a short time.

  3. Play some ‘House Cleaning’ Playlist on Spotify
  4. Yes, you’ve read it right: Spotify has its own playlist solely dedicated for those who want to do house deep cleaning and listen to the music at the same time. The brain is easily stimulated with music – the same way it does when you’re working out. So turn get those groves and moves to work. Start cleaning while enjoying your favorite hits now!

  1. Set a timer.
  2. Want to know how fast can you finish a task? Set up a timer. Believe me, there’s so many things that you can accomplish in just 20-30 minutes. Focus with your goal. And you’ll never know, it would only take a few minutes to wash those plates, clean the kitchen, and finally organize the cupboard. You just need a little bit of pressure and goal.

  3. Invite friends to come over.
  4. Here’s an unspoken secret among house owners: we only get to really clean the house if there are people coming over. True, right? So why not invite some friends to come over so that you’ll be forced to finally start cleaning? A little pressure can truly help.

    In case you find that too messy after, you can simply ask them to come over and help you clean up. Chat with them and spend some bonding time while home cleaning. Then, some pizza and wine would be the best way to enjoy the rest of the session.

    Busy at work and family? Hire a house cleaning in Los Angeles now.

  5. Reward yourself.
  6. Every accomplishment, no matter how small, needs to be celebrated. Reward yourself therefore with some goodies. Order that food that you have been craving to eat for a long time or finally purchase that equipment or apparel that you have been long wanting to have.

Most importantly, remind yourself of all the positive things that house cleaning can do to you. It’s tiring – yes, no argue with that – but it’s totally fulfilling in the end. Create a comfortable living space by keeping your house clean at all times. Remember that a happy house leads to a happy life. So, happy cleaning!


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