Feeling Lazy? Here’s a Quick Guide to Housecleaning

Feeling lazy? A complete guide to housecleaning or home cleaning

I know. I feel you too. Cleaning is the most difficult thing there is to do. Of course, we realize the importance of keeping the home environment clean but we also know that there are other more interesting things to do than cleaning – like watching movies, sleeping, and just doing nothing for the entire day. However, pretending that “everything is fine” with the house is a daunting task. You always know at the back of your head that there’s a special mission waiting for you to accomplish.

That is why we came up with this very quick guide on how you can magically keep the house clean without exerting too much effort and losing your mind.

1. Have a bed habit.

Well, if there’s one habit that you have to cultivate despite your laziness, then that should be your bed habit. Okay, don’t roll your eyes. This is simple. It would only take several minutes to just pull up the sheets, comforter, and fluff the pillow. Pick up the mess scattered around and voila! You’re done.

2. Buy that housecleaning solution you’ve been wanting to purchase

There’s something about newly purchased housecleaning solutions or equipment that make you a little fired up to clean the house. Utilize that energy to do something productive. At least for that short span of time, you’ve got to organize the cupboard, drawers, cabinets, do a little sweeping and vacuuming, and accomplish most of the significant things around the house.

3. Always keep the cleaning supplies where you got them

Leaving the housecleaning supplies anywhere you used them does not only make the house untidy, it will also make you frustrated the next time you clean. You will have a hard time looking for the cleaning supplies the next time you needed them. To avoid this, designate a part of the house where you will place all your household solutions and equipment and always make sure to return whatever you got on the same place.

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4. Immediately do the dishes.

To avoid washing a great number of plates, glasses, and cutleries, make it a habit to wash the dishes right after eating. When these dishes build and build and build into a tantamount amount, believe me they become more and more impossible to wash.

5. Vow to do something on commercial breaks.

Don’t tell me you love those commercials breaks. Use that three to five minute break to pick litter, wipe cabinets, or arrange those things on the cabinet. Maximize those little time and be surprised how great those outputs will be once you’ve seen all your effort.

6. Set a timer.

Okay, you’re feeling lazy and you don’t want to do anything. Fine. But isn’t it relaxing to stay in a clean and healthy living environment, away from the clutter and the dust? Envisioning those results might spark a little motivation in you. Utilize that and then set up a timer. What magic can you do within five to ten minutes? Twenty to thirty? That’s too much to make the house better.

There is so much that you can do without putting too much effort. Just stretch a little, team up with family members or friends, then you’re good to go. And don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done! Happy cleaning.

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