Cleaning Hacks to a More Organized Bedroom Closet

Cleaning Hacks to a More Organized Bedroom Closet

If you are tired of all the dramas inside your closet, then it’s about time to fix all the issues and organize them all properly. Now, is the best time to keep things in place once and for all! Come to think of it, the day won’t start and end without you opening your closet. It’s totally disappointing and uninspiring to look at those mess, no wonder you can’t find the energy to keep moving early in the morning.

So here’s some clever tricks to help you become more organized and optimize the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces in your bedroom closet.

1. Plan before you Hang.

Seeing all your clothes hanged would give an impression that everything is doing well. However, we all know that this does not ensure an organized system. So, here’s a tip: plan before you hang. Before you get consumed with how organized all clothes seemed to be, gather together in one area all the pants, collared shirts, dresses, and other casuals. Sort them well before hanging them. This way, it would be easier for you to pick and return the clothes that you want to mix and match for the day’s attire.

Reminder: Make sure to invest in quality hangers – those which don’t have wires in them.

2. Declutter. If you don’t use them, why keep them

Let’s get real: you no longer wear about 30 – 40% of the clothes that are inside your closet. It’s either they are out of season or they no longer fit you. So, why keep them? When you have extra minutes of the day, take some time to go through your clothes and get rid of those which you haven’t worn for the past months – maybe it’s about time to allow others to make use of them?

3. Avoid piling too much.

Some clothes are not meant to be hanged. Sweaters may get snagged if hanged for a long period of time. Neatly fold them and properly stack them on top of the other. But, avoid making those piles too high. Not only that this may damage your clothes, this also limits your choices when choosing the clothes you want to wear because you can’t easily identify the ones hidden on the bottommost of the pile.

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4. Make use of small drawers for small items.

Find it difficult to find that missing pair of sock? Or your favourite lingerie? Worry no more. Make use of the small drawers in your closet for small items like socks, lingerie, and belts. Do not mix them up with your other clothes to avoid getting angry on an early morning rush. Sort these small items and put them on separate drawers to easily locate them.

Befriend your closet and do not hide it from the world. Keep it organized to avoid fretting out and causing more havoc in your already chaotic room. Apply these simple ideas or hire professional cleaners to make this process a little less taxing for you and to avoid cleaning it often.

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