Places that are Commonly Forgotten When House Cleaning

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No matter how many times we go around and check, there will always be a certain place in the house that is often forgotten when we do house cleaning. It would often go unnoticed, until you accidently got fronted with it – gang of dust bunnies underneath the couch, leaking water tray under the refrigerator, dusts settling down on some furniture.

Needless to say, there will always be areas that won’t eventually come to mind when we decide to go for general house cleaning. So let this guide, focused on recurrence cleaning, help you recall the areas that are often not part of your regular chores but still need attention to maintain a better and more comfortable place to live in.

Places that are commonly forgotten when House Cleaning

Here are some of the places that you might have forgotten to include in your list of places to clean around the house:

  1. Behind the refrigerator
  2. Not because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing going on behind your refrigerator. Once a month, it’s good to remove the refrigerator from the wall and clean it. Remove the dust and dirt from the ventilation system, sweep the crumbs of the floor, and keep clean the water tray that has left your refrigerator with that sticky smell.

  3. Trash containers
  4. When was the last time you gave those trash containers a good cleaning? It’s ironic how these containers have been tasked to keep all the wastes of the house to keep it clean but at the same time often neglected. For residents in Housekeeping Los Angeles, garbage cans should be cleaned periodically so that the smell of whatever you’ve thrown in it won’t stick around. Give it a rinse and clean it with soap and water. To prevent flies and maggots from breeding in your trash bins, you may also give it a small amount of bleach from time to time. Regular maintenance of your trash containers is not only essential for a fresh living space but also aligns with the high standards of housekeeping in Los Angeles, ensuring a clean and sanitary home environment.

  5. Shower curtains
  6. Not because the shower curtain gets soaped and all wet when you take a bath, it already means it’s clean. Remember that moist areas are favorite places of mold and mildew. Washing the shower curtain is as easy as one-two-three. Simply put it in the washing machine for a short cycle and then hang it to dry. Doing this once a week to keep it good as brand new.
How to Prepare Your Apartment for a Move-In or Move-Out:
  1. Back of your Smart TV
  2. For sure, you’ve been watching television for quite some time, but when was the last time you took time to check and clean the back of your smart tv? Never, right? Remember that electronics can be a good host to dusts. So better clean up the back of your television. You might as well arrange and fix those loose cords the same time.

  3. Lampshades
  4. Yes. You have to clean those lampshades no matter how seemingly clean they look like. Lampshades are dust magnets so better find time to clean them before they totally covered with dusts. No worries though because there’s no need for you to scrub them. All you have to do is to use a lint roller or wipe the surface with dry microfiber cloth. You may also combine few drops of mild dishwashing liquid with warm water to easily rub off the dirt and dusts.

In conclusion, paying attention to frequently disregarded areas that might elude our regular cleaning routines is necessary to maintaining a clean and organized home. It is not unusual to find neglected areas such as the area behind the refrigerator, where dirt and dust collect in the ventilation system and the water tray can smell bad. Despite their function in containing waste, trash cans also require routine cleaning to avoid unpleasant odors and deter flies and maggots from reproducing. Shower curtains need to be washed once a week because they can grow mold and mildew due to their exposure to moisture. Other areas that gather dust and should be cleaned frequently to keep your home spotless include the back of your Smart TV and lampshades. 


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