Proven Tips & Techniques for Cleaning After Renovations

House cleaning after renovation

Your home transforms into a massive construction site with all the associated waste, debris, and dust while undergoing renovations. Techniques for cleaning after renovations, House cleaning in Los Angeles is on your list of things to do, not your contractor’s unless it is specifically included in your contractor’s contract. With the help of these eight post-renovation cleaning suggestions, revitalize your property.


1. From top to bottom, clean

The first thing you should do as you begin the
deep cleaning process is to look around. In this manner, you can easily spot things that are visible and obvious for a cleanup.

When a room is being cleaned, it is best to start at the top, near the ceiling fan, since this will force all the dust downward, where it may collect for vacuuming, mopping, or sweeping. That will streamline things and increase efficiency, resulting in a cleaner space in less time.


2. Clean the furniture


House cleaning furnitures
After a refurbishment, even though your upholstery appears clean, it could not be hygienic. Given the tiny dust produced during a building operation, upholstery can trap a lot of dirt and grime in the fabric. Because of this, you should thoroughly clean or vacuum your upholstery before using it again.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to take on the project yourself, you may hire an upholstery cleaner to take care of this stage of the construction dust cleanup process on your behalf.


3. Verify the filters and air vents.

Many minuscule dust particles might be caught in your air vents and grates. Make sure to use a soft cloth to clean the vents outside. You could also wish to vacuum the interior of the vents to make sure they are spotless.

Now is a good time to examine the condition of your air filters while you’re at it. After the renovation, change your air filter if necessary and start over. In this manner, you can be certain that there is no construction dust everywhere in your house.


4. Don’t Ignore Difficult Areas

Homeowners frequently touch many of the huge, commonplace items, such as TV stands and floors, when cleaning. However, following a significant house repair, dust, and debris can enter numerous tiny cracks and crevices that are frequently missed during the
deep cleaning process.

When cleaning, be sure to pay attention to electronics, lighting, lampshades, appliances, home furnishings, and stovetops.


5. Eliminate waste and debris.

You’ll probably have a sizable amount of trash and debris to deal with after your repair or renovation is finished. If there isn’t much trash, you can set it out for collection by your neighborhood waste provider. Renting a container or employing professional
cleaning services or junk removal services may be more economical and effective options for significant amounts of debris. Before they leave the job site, the local general contractor you hired for your project will take care of this stage.

6. Conduct a safety inspection


House safety inspections
Older properties require particular caution following renovations since potentially dangerous contaminants may have been disturbed. For instance, because older homes sometimes still contain lead-based paint, lead problems are a frequent post-renovation
deep cleaning challenge. If the paint was disturbed during a renovation process, hazardous dust particles may have entered the air, raising safety issues.

7. Peel-off labels and stickers

You definitely have a few stickers and labels to remove if you installed new equipment or materials during the makeover. Due to the stickers and labels’ sometimes hidden or difficult-to-remove nature, this step is most often neglected and skipped.
Despite this, you do not want to find out after you have guests over that you forgot one when you have them, so take the time now to make sure you look for it before it is too late. You may consider using vodka to make the process easier removing labels that are very sticky and hard to peel.

8. Employ a professional cleanup crew

It’s important to clean your home thoroughly after finishing a significant endeavor. But the process can be hard and drawn out. If cleaning up after remodeling sounds overwhelming, your best option is to hire a
professional cleaning lady.

If you’re debating whether to pay for an after-renovation cleaning service, consider the following questions for yourself:

  • Is my time enough to do all the clean-ups myself?
  • Do you think you are capable of doing the work?
  • Does it make sense to spend money on keeping your home clean?

Then, based on your responses, decide intelligently how to approach this process. If you haven’t begun your renovation yet, think about setting aside money in your budget just for hiring a service for house cleaning in Los Angeles.


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