How to Do Roof Gutter Cleaning on 7 Simple Steps?

Know how to do roof gutter cleaning properly

Gutter cleaning is a pain, but it is necessary in order to avoid additional issues. It’s time to inspect your gutters before they overflow with debris when the trees begin to shed their leaves. Dress appropriately for the filthy work of cleaning the gutters, and try to keep the siding clean as well. You might anticipate more costly issues in the future if you don’t clean your gutters. If your gutters are still blocked in the winter and you live in a location where there is snow and ice.

1. Gather Tools for Gutter Cleaning

Know the cleaning tools for gutter

To clean gutters, ask anyone, and you’ll probably get a different response from each one. Some people like to clean their gutters with a power washer, while others use gloves and a hose. Others like to reach the material using a shovel. Even a leaf blower or a wet or dry vacuum may be used to clean gutters. What you use to clean gutters ultimately doesn’t matter; what matters is that you clean them. With two buckets, you can complete the task: one will keep your equipment and the other will be used to collect gutter debris when you up the ladder to clean the gutters. If you wish to gather any debris that flows over the gutters, put on some work gloves and set a tarp down where you will be working.

After house cleaning and deep cleaning the gutters, if you don’t already have gutter guards on them, now would be an excellent time to put them. Gutter guards stop the accumulation of leaves and other debris in your gutters, preventing backups that cause spills especially here in Los Angeles it’s hard to clean when it snows or fall season so you need to make sure that you clean the gutters.

2. Use a Safety ladder

Cleaning the roof gutter with a ladder

When climbing up to your gutter, use a sturdy ladder. Ideally includes a tiny shelf sturdy enough to support a five-gallon bucket for gutter debris collection. Before utilizing the ladder, check it for any flaws or loose pieces. To ensure that the ladder won’t wobble or lose its weight, you might ask someone to hold it for you for further security.

3. Use a Gutter Scoop

Use a scooper in cleaning your roof gutter

Use a plastic scoop or hand shovel to remove the rubbish when doing deep cleaning in the gutter. Using a metal scoop might result in damage since it can scrape the gutter’s bottom and lead to rust, which could weaken your gutter. The best way for clearing gutters generally seems to be scooping out the leafy material. A plastic scooping tool, which can be obtained at most hardware stores, is a great tool for this task. The front scooping edge of plastic scooping tools is very thin and conforms to the bottom of the gutter trough, making it simple to remove even the most difficult waste from gutter systems of any size.

4. Use a Gloves

Using gloves for cleaning

Occasionally, it is simpler to clear the gutter’s debris by hand. However, the trash can include animal or bird droppings that are contaminated with bacteria and might make you ill. Therefore, other than maid services, deep cleaning must always remember to use gloves. It is advised to wear thick gloves since they can shield your skin from wounds, which are likely if your gutter or roof is damaged. Gloves can assist shield hands from filthy, decomposing leaf debris that frequently contains bacterial-filled bird, pigeon, and squirrel droppings. Gloves can also shield users from hurtful wounds caused by a gutter’s old, rusted metal pieces. Cotton gloves may absorb contaminated water, protecting skin from microbial exposure. Leather gloves are less flexible and have the propensity to shrivel up after drying after washing.

5. Lead Blower

Using lead blower for roof gutter cleaning.

Using a leaf blower to clear your gutters eliminates the need to remove material by hand just as it does the tiresome ground sweeping. Using an extension kit is a safer approach. You may clear the gutters while standing on the ground since this increases and bends the reach of your leaf blower. When employing this technique, you must wear goggles because you are immediately below everything that is blown out. Be prepared for debris to fall on you since this is a dirty yet powerful technique also not just that here in Los Angeles they use leaf blowers for their lawn not just in the gutter.

6. Power Washer

Using a power washer for roof gutter cleaning

If you didn’t have time to clear your gutters before a rain came, the leaves can be slick and damp. This makes using air compressors and leaf blowers more difficult. In this situation, a power washer could be a preferable approach. We advise utilizing a telescopic wand with a u-shaped attachment at the end so you can clean the gutters from the ground up due to the force generated by a high-pressure power washer. The ground near the base of the downspouts will be covered in debris when you are through deep cleaning. You may “sweep” this away with a water brush or pick it up with a rake while wearing gloves. Your siding, windows, and everything else underneath might become covered with debris.

7. Unclog the Downspouts

Unclog the Downspouts​

Ensure the downspouts are free of debris. Run the water hose at full strength down the downspout after cleaning up all of the gutters. A clog is present if the water backs up and spills out the top. Typically, it may be cleared by tapping on the downspout’s side. If it doesn’t work, however, the downspout and back must be taken off and the toilet must be flushed from the bottom. It is advisable to unplug the bottom of the downspout from the underground drain if there is a blockage and the downspout is linked to one. If not, the obstruction can transfer to the subsurface drain.

Even with inventive gutter cleaning gear at your disposal, you undoubtedly detest having to do this. Turn the work over if you lack the time or physical capacity to clean the gutters yourself. In order to ensure that you never again have to manage this duty yourself, we provide expert gutter cleaning services. Please get in touch with us right away to learn more or to schedule gutter cleaning at your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest approach is to go around the edge of the roof while standing atop a ladder and blowing leaves into the gutter. The use of an extension kit is safer. As a result, the reach and bend of your leaf blower will increase, enabling you to clean the gutters whether seated or standing.

Despite the temptation, you shouldn’t ever use a pressure washer to clean out the interior of your gutters. It’s advisable to manually clear out the trash before using a gentler water flow to cleanse the interior thoroughly. Rainstorms won’t harm gutters, but a pressure washer’s intense force might.

The downspout might become blocked with leaves, debris, or anything else that can wind up there if you don’t clear your gutters. As a result of this obstruction, standing water accumulates and finally overflows. The leaves that clog your gutter may start to deteriorate and finally rot if left unchecked.

The majority of professionals consider that spring and autumn are the ideal times of year to clean your gutters. Early spring gutter cleaning will assist remove all the leaves and other debris, allowing rainwater to flow easily into the downspouts.

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