How to Save Money When Hiring Housecleaning Services?

Maggy Maid: How to Save Money When Hiring House Cleaning Services

No matter what angle you’d look at it, hiring a housecleaner is expensive. But you know better. You know that you can become more productive at work and focus more on the important things when you ditch the thought of housecleaning. You know how important bonding with family and friends is in comparison to bonding with dusts, dirt and stains. Hiring housecleaning services maybe outrageously expensive for some, but if you know how to play your cards well, you can actually save a lot from them!

 Though most housecleaning services have fixed rates, there are actually ways on how you can reduce the cost of hiring a housecleaner. Here’s how:

1. Purchase your own cleaning supplies

Housecleaning services actually allows you to choose whether you’d like the housecleaner to provide their own materials or not. And the trick is there. You can actually save $5 – $20 if you ask the housecleaner to use your own cleaning materials as they will no longer charge for the use of their own. In addition, you will feel more secured knowing that you have personally picked those materials that will be used for your home.

2. Be selective with the services that you will avail

You don’t need everything that the house cleaning services in Los Angeles offer. Asses your house and identify what it badly needs. By doing this, you can narrow down the tasks that you will ask the housecleaner to do; hence, shorten the number of hours required for cleaning. Why ask them to sweep when you can actually do it on your own? Laundry? You have a nearby shop to do that. Wall cleaning? You can spare a little of your time for that. Right?

PRO TIP: In cleaning walls with latex paint, try using warm water and non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner. Simply dip the clean sponge into the water, wring it, and then rub it on the wall! Easy-peasy. You may also contact our trusted home service partner Spates Painting for your interior and exterior painting needs.

3. Know your budget

Learn how hourly rates are calculated and see how it can work with your budget. Do not settle on overly cheap services, as they might not meet your standards; neither, book with outrageously expensive companies when you can get the same cleanliness for a lower price. Read reviews and assess how far your budget can go with the kind of services you want to avail. Stick with it and find your ideal housecleaners for the best price.


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4. Book regularly with your cleaning services

Wait, what? This sounds ironic when you wanted to make the most of your money, but if you think of it, you can actually save a lot when you regularly book for house cleaning agencies because rates are actually lower when you sign up for weekly or twice a month cleaning. Furthermore, house cleaning services usually give the latest deals and discounts to dear patrons.

5. Practice CLAYGO

One way to shorten the time needed for house cleaning is to always keep the house as tidy as possible. Don’t wait for the housecleaner to pick your trash or mop the dirt on the floor. Do what you can for the moment. This way, dusts and dirt won’t be accumulated and difficult to remove. You can both save the time of the housecleaner and save your money as well.

Do not fear to hire housecleaners. If you think you can no longer do it alone, save time and effort and do more productive things while we do the cleaning for you. Make the most of your money and let’s work together for a cleaner, safer, and better home environment.


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