Taking Care of a Crystal Chandelier

Taking Care of a Crystal Chandelier

There is no doubt that crystal chandeliers add an air of luxury to any room when they are present. Many traditional fixtures used teardrop-shaped crystals, but there are now many modern abstract designs that use acrylic, glass, or real crystal as the crystal material. Irrespective of what the design or construction of your chandelier may be, eventually it will become dirty and dusty due to exposure to air. Even though including this in your routine during house cleaning is typically a simple procedure, it can take quite a bit of time. Make sure you allot enough time for the task because you’ll probably want to finish it all in one session.


A Crystal Chandelier’s Cleaning Schedule


Your maid should have a weekly cleaning of crystal chandeliers on her housekeeping routine. Your maid may start with the chandelier when it is time to clean so that any loose dust falls to the floor and she can hoover it.

The position of your crystal chandelier will determine how often it needs more than just dusting. Kitchen or bathroom chandeliers require more frequent deep cleaning since they can easily become coated with grease or spray-on body care products that draw in more dust. Dust on chandeliers sticks to them more readily in humid situations.

To keep them gleaming, deep cleaning is essential. It should be carefully cleaned twice a year or at least once per season.


How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier Without Taking the Crystals Out:


Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Set up the workspace.


Before you begin your housekeeping routine, any accessories or furniture that are directly under the chandelier should be moved. To prevent spills from damaging the carpet or floor, lay a drop cloth or plastic tarp on the surface.

On one side of the chandelier, slightly off-center, set a sturdy ladder or stepstool so you may easily reach the crystals. Use a ladder tall enough for you to easily climb.


Disconnect the Fixture


Turn off the breaker to that part of your home if you have any concerns about the wiring’s safety, but make sure you have enough light to work with. Before you start deep cleaning, turn off the wall switch and give the bulbs time to cool completely.

Dust the Chandelier.


To get rid of as much dust and webs as you can, use a feather, lambswool, or microfiber duster. While cleaning, there’s no need to move any loose dust. Clean the crystals, bulbs, and fixtures.

Create a Homemade Cleaning Agent


Your maid can create a homemade cleaner although a commercial glass cleaner is available. After being polished with a homemade solution of one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts distilled water, crystals will glitter. For a simple application, combine the alcohol and water in a spray bottle.

Clean a Section of the Chandelier


Spray one towel with a little glass cleaner after climbing the ladder. A dry, lint-free microfiber towel should be used to dry the crystal once you have cleaned it on all sides. Spraying glass cleaner directly on the crystal could damage the polish of the chandelier fixture, so avoid doing so. Use a dry cloth to remove any remaining dust from the fixture or the bulbs before proceeding to the next step.

As soon as the fixture and all of the crystals are deep cleaned, climb down, transfer the ladder to the following part, and carry out the cleaning procedures once more.


How to Care for a Crystal Chandelier After Removing the Crystals


Chandelier crystals

It can be essential and simpler to clean the chandelier’s crystals off the base fixture if they are exceedingly dirty.


Set up the workspace.


In case you drop a crystal when taking it out of the chandelier, place a padded moving blanket or comforter just underneath it. Off-center from the fixture, place the ladder on the blanket. Shut off the breaker or the wall switch. Allow the bulbs to cool.

A set of needle-nose pliers should also be kept in your maid‘s apron pocket or a bucket on the ladder, in addition to a duster or some cleaning rags. To loosen the crystals, you might need to use the pliers.


Take away the Crystals


Ask your maid to take out the crystals from the fixture one at a time, focusing on a small area. Put them in a sizable pocket or container. When the area is crystal-free, use a dry towel to dust the light fixture and bulbs before escorting the ladder to the following area.


Clean the crystals.


Add a few drops of dish soap to a sink or a sizable plastic container of warm water. Line the tub with a towel to assist prevent any chipping of the crystals.

Cleaning each crystal should be done with a gentle cloth or sponge. Using a microfiber cloth free of lint, rinse your clothes well with cool water, then pat them dry with a dry microfiber cloth.


Put the chandelier back together.


I would suggest reassembling the chandelier crystals based on their manual or the photo you took before cleaning. To prevent fingerprint smudges on your computer screen, put on a pair of white cotton gloves.


How to Keep Your Chandelier Looking Its Best


  • Keep the chandelier clean by dusting it regularly to keep it from becoming thick with dust.
  • The finish on some fixtures may be damaged by using cleansers containing ammonia, thus you should avoid using those cleaners.
  • Even if they still function, think about replacing the light bulbs while you are performing a deep cleaning to avoid having to climb back up the ladder!

Contact a Specialist


The best thing to do is to call a professional house cleaning service in Los Angeles if you don’t have a ladder that will allow you to easily reach the chandelier, or if you are afraid of heights.


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