The Best Way to Clean Velvet Furniture

The Best Way to Clean Velvet Furniture

There are a number of reasons why velvet furniture appeals to people. It is plush, is often decorated in vibrant colors, and is quite easy to care for. Consider the velvet’s fiber content and the cleaning instructions before buying a velvet couch, chair, or headboard for a bed. Cotton and synthetic fibers are both used in the weaving of velvet. Choose a velvet composed of synthetic fibers if the item will be used frequently, especially by kids and pets. They aid stain resistance more effectively than cotton velvet. Additionally, synthetic fabrics maintain their color better in direct sunlight. It takes some patience and effort to properly clean velvet furniture during house cleaning in Los Angeles, but neither special cleaners nor products are needed.

Here’s how to maintain the lovely appearance of your velvet:


Velvet sofa


Weekly Vacuum

housekeeping, the dusting or upholstery brush and the crevice tool are the best vacuum accessories for velvet upholstery. Start at the top of the chair or sofa and work in a grid pattern to cover every area with the upholstery brush. The grime and dust will be loosened by the brush so they may be vacuumed away.

Clean the spaces under and between cushions as well as those between cushions and arms with the crevice tool. Don’t forget to vacuum the underside and outside of the furniture.

Remove Creases with Steam

After using the vacuum
cleaner to get rid of the dust, it’s now time to make use of your steamer. velvet upholstery can develop creases or crushed naps in the same way that velvet clothing can after sitting. If the wrinkles are not taken out, they can practically become permanent and expose the velvet fabric’s backing.

Lifting the nap or pile of velvet is easy with a handheld clothes steamer or one with a wand. To avoid harming (melting) the fibers, use a low heat setting. Move over the trouble spots in a grid-like pattern while holding the steam head several inches from the fabric. Continue to stir the steam. To aid in smoothing out the creases, gently brush the nap in the other way with your hand.

Use a steam iron instead if you don’t have a clothes steamer. Use the steam setting and add water to the iron. Make sure the velvet is at least six inches away from the iron face. NEVER contact the fabric with the iron; doing so will leave a mark.

Treat Spot Stains


Treat Spot Stains
Spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible with paper towels. Change towels frequently until no more moisture is absorbed.

With the edge of a dull knife, remove any solids, and then wipe any wetness. Never rub a stain since doing so will cause it to spread further into the fabric’s fibers.

Mix a few drops of dishwashing cleaner with two glasses of warm water to spot and treat any kind of stain. Using a whisk, make suds. A microfiber cloth should be dampened by dipping it in fresh water. Gently dab the discoloration by dipping the damp cloth into the suds only. As the stain spreads, keep going to a spot on the material that is clean.

Let the area dry naturally. Any matted fibers can be lifted using your hands or a steamer.

Plan a General Housekeeping


During your general housekeeping, cleaning the entire couch or chair is necessary. Not only does it remove accumulated dust and debris, but it also revitalizes the fabric, restoring its original luster. A thorough deep cleaning reaches into the fibers, eliminating stubborn stains and odors that may have settled over time.

Compared to ongoing spot cleaning, an overall deep cleaning will leave the upholstery with a more even hue. It ensures uniformity in cleanliness across the entire surface, preventing any patchiness or uneven coloration. Additionally, deep cleaning extends the lifespan of the furniture by maintaining its structural integrity and preventing premature wear and tear.

How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Velvet Furniture

  • Spills and stains should be dealt with right away using the correct cleaner.
  • Vacuum the upholstery to get rid of crumbs and dust and eliminate wrinkles and raise the matted piles.
  • Test any cleaning solutions or cleaner to ensure that the velvet doesn’t lose its color in a hidden area.
  • Keep velvet furniture out of the sun’s direct rays. Throws can be used to help block the sun if there are no other alternatives, so cover exposed areas.

When to Contact a Specialist

If you don’t have the tools or the time to clean your velvet furniture thoroughly, you can consider hiring a professional cleaning service. A professional upholstery cleaning service will finish the work more quickly than you can during your house cleaning in Newport Beach since they have greater experience handling these kinds of tasks, superior equipment, and training. The cost of the furniture will depend on its size and construction.


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The Best Way to Clean Velvet Furniture

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