Surprising Things You Can Clean in Your Dishwasher

8 Surprising Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher

Surprising Things You Can Put in Your Dishwasher

If the only task of your dishwasher is to, well, wash dishes, then you’re missing out a big potential out of that magic box! If you try to look around, other things are made of the same materials like your utensils, pots, and pans that can be cleaned by your reliable dishwasher. With this in mind, you can combine some cleaning jobs now and save time and money!

But before you go tossing everything you see into your dishwasher, remember that there are also things that should never get inside, like wooden pieces, cast iron, and copper. Also, keep in mind that after washing all these materials, you have to give your dishwasher a good cleaning before you load the next dinner dishes.

We tapped our team of cleaning experts at Maggy Maid to find out which household items can go in your dishwasher – here’s what they said.

Now that keeping your home clean is more important than ever, you’re probably looking for ways to keep your home safe without having to spend every moment in disinfecting mode.

Besides being a tremendous water- and energy-saver, dishwashers can help with cleaning items around the house that have nothing to do with your plates and cutlery.

There are certain items that should absolutely never go into a dishwasher—anything made of wood, cast-iron or aluminum or with a nonstick coating, for instance—it will likely damage both your appliance and the item itself. But plenty of others are proven good, and popping them in the dishwasher can save you the stress of having to clean them by hand.

1. Silicone Oven Mitts

Odds are, your oven mitts work as hard as you do in the kitchen and they deserve a good cleaning.

– Silicone mitts are safe in the dishwasher
– Place them on the top rack and put them through a regular wash cycle

2. Appliance Knobs

As long as they’re plastic, it’s totally fine to put them in the dishwasher

– Pop them into a mesh bag and place them on the top shelf before your next cycle.

Cleaning Plastic Appliance Knobs - Maggy Maid

3. Kitchen Sponges and Reusable Paper Towels

Sponges and reusable “paper” towels (usually made of bamboo or cotton) are safe in the top rack, while brushes with long handles and bristles should be placed in the utensil holder.

– You can easily knock out this chore during a regular cycle with your dishes.
– However, scrub brushes with wooden handles still need to be disinfected by hand.

4. Microwave Turntables

Generally, these glass turntables can go into the dishwasher on the bottom rack but it’s always best to read your microwave’s manual first before tossing it into the dishwasher.

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5. Fridge Shelves and Drawers

These items are on the bulkier side, so it’s best to run this load by itself and remove the top dishwasher rack to ensure there’s enough room.

– If your shelves and drawers are smaller, you can place them the way you would plates and bowls, but bigger ones may need to lay flat across the rack.

6. Potatoes

If you’re crunched for time and have a large quantity of potatoes to prep, you can buy some time by using your dishwasher to rinse them. Place your potatoes on the top rack of your dishwasher in a single layer, and set it to the rinse-only cycle (checking to make sure there’s no soap in the dispensers before turning it on, of course).

– It may not be the most traditional approach to prepping potatoes, but it’s been known to get the job done in a pinch.

Cleaning Dirty Potatoes - Maggy Maid

7. Loofahs and Bath Sponges

Since bacteria love to set up in loofahs and bath sponges, these are super hard to clean by hand. Cleaning them on the top rack of your dishwasher is a convenient and efficient way to rid them of any germs that have accumulated.

– Once you load up the sponges you want cleaned, simply turn the dishwasher on the ‘heated dry’ setting, or the hottest cycle your particular appliance has.

8. Hairbrushes, Makeup Brushes and Toothbrushes

Remove the hair from your brush and comb to prevent it from clogging the drain, then place them in the cutlery basket and wash on a regular cleaning cycle.

– The same goes for your makeup brushes—but if any of these items have wooden parts or natural bristles, they still have to be washed by hand

9. Shower Caddies, Soap Dishes and Toothbrush Holders

Bathroom accessories, like soap dishes and toothbrush holders, can easily rack up residue.

– To sanitize these items, place them on the top rack and run a cycle with detergent at least once a week.

10. Washing-Machine Detergent Drawers

These can become clogged with soap, softener and sometimes mold on the back, so it’s recommended that you place them in the dishwasher (top rack) for optimal cleaning (Make sure to check your washing machine’s manual first to confirm your detergent drawers are dishwasher safe, and don’t dry them in the dishwasher—otherwise, you run the risk of warping the plastic.)

Cleaning Your Washing Machine Detergent Drawers - Maggy Maid

11. Baseball Caps

Caps tend to get sweaty and greasy, but throwing them in the washing machine can bend them out of shape. Instead, secure your cap around the pegs of your dishwasher’s top rack for an easy clean that holds its shape in place.

– Set your dishwasher to a normal wash cycle using warm (not hot) water, and make sure the heated-dry option is turned off to avoid shrinkage. Instead, air-dry your caps anywhere you can find strong air circulation.

Your dishwasher can be a versatile tool for cleaning a variety of household items beyond just dishes. There are plenty of items you can safely and effectively clean in your dishwasher that is not included on our list, just feel free to explore. Just remember to always check manufacturer guidelines and avoid mixing incompatible materials.

With these tips and tricks, you can make the most out of your dishwasher’s cleaning power and keep your home sparkling clean with ease. So, next time you’re tackling chores and you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our house cleaning experts at Maggy Maid.

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