American Time Use Survey Visualization on Household Activities

In a recent American Time Use Survey, which was published on June 2018, conducted by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), Maggy Maid discovered a few dirty little cleaning secrets swept under the rug…

The survey revealed America’s disdain for House Activities which was 24% average. Rather than cleaning their home, these respondents would prefer to do anything else like leisure or to work! That’s only 76% average who would prefer 1.) to clean their home or 2.) do some other house chores

Now let’s dig deeper how many prefer to do tasks specific to “house cleaning” only.

Out of those 76 percent average, only 49% of these women spent some time cleaning on an average day, while 19% of these men spent cleaning on average day as well.

We thought this information was so fascinating we decided to make an infographic visualization! Keep scrolling to learn more.

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